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8 Best Restaurants In Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a famous country of South Asia and it is also known as one of the beautiful places where you can watch for natural beauty and hills and valleys. The country is also famous for its unending forests of ‘Sunderbans' and beautiful tea valleys too. No matter for what you visit this country you will never want to miss the best food of Bangladesh through its best restaurants which are fine and can serve you with some of the best and relishing food in the country. As most of the restaurants are there in the capital city of Dhaka but there are many good places to dine in Bangladesh settled in the other cities also. Mostly people visit Bangladesh to see the beauty of the world's longest beach and the gorgeous flora and fauna and there is a good percentage of people mostly from Asia want to visit Bangladesh to test their culinary experiences and to discover more varieties.

8 Fine Dining Restaurants in Bangladesh

Izumi Restaurant

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Izumi – Dhaka

This is a great place to have Japanese cuisines. The food is really delicious in this restaurant and people who are looking for best Japanese food in Bangladesh can visit this place. The decor of this place is also worth commendable and one can visit with his partner or wife to have the best Japanese meal in the capital city of Dhaka. The taste of the food is awesome and one can really cherish the best memories of Japanese food through this restaurant all through his or her life.

Bar B Q Tonight

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Bar B Q Tonight – Dhaka

One of the best places to have the barbeque delicacies and best seafood in the capital city of Dhaka. Here you can enjoy the mouthwatering kebabs and they are smoked under the charcoal that releases a mouthwatering aroma and will remind you of the best experience of non-veg delicacies. The menus are made with special spices and there are many Pakistani recipes are also made here that you can enjoy. You can also enjoy the side dishes such as khatakhat, kebabs with roomali roti, kulfi falooda and many others, which altogether make a great meal in this place.


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Bonanza – Chittagong

This is a great place in the city of Chittagong and you can here have the best dining experience with your loved ones and family. No matter you are going for a romantic dinner or a complete family outing you will be treated with the best food. You will be treated with the best veg and non-veg dishes and there will be ample of other dishes that will win your hearts. The restaurant staff are equally good and they also serve the best starters with the best international touch. The place is also a good place to have relishing Indian food and one can also great continental cuisines.

Poushee Restaurant

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Poushee Restaurant – Cox’s Bazar

The best restaurant in the best place of Bangladesh which is the world’s longest beach and this is one of the best romantic places in Asia. The restaurant is a place where the newly wedded couples can enjoy a romantic and cozy dinner with their partner and the lovey – dovey couples can really have a best time having food here. Food is serve in a reasonable price and with a variety of seafood to enjoy here. From prawn, to pomfret, to crabs all of them are served with the best spices and in traditional Bangladeshi recipes.


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Ambrosia – Chittagong

Again a good place to have nice lunch and dinner and you can take your darling to the place even when you have a lesser budget then also you can have a nice time to have the food. A wide variety of food to choose from and you can dine here with plenty of choices and the best food which you can order is the seafood and the people who visit here for the overall set up and the people who are here for a romantic dinner can also have a good time. The best part of the place is that it is budget friendly and with a plenty of food choices.

Jhau Bon – Cox’s Bazar

This is again a fine place to dine in the romantic sea beach of Cox’s Bazar and the people who visit here often enjoy the most tasty and relishing non veg and seafood in the traditional and continental recipes of Bangladesh. So couples or families who visit here cannot ignore the place if they are looking for the best seafood or relishing non veg item. Some of the common and popular items of the place is prawn bharta, prawn malaikari, roop chanda and many other. The food is affordable too so you can easily dine on here for both your lunch and dinner.

Woondal Kebab Corner – Sylhet

A great place to have kebabs in this place and people can have the best of the dry meat items which can be enjoyed with smoked charcoal aroma. People can get the best chicken Biryani, Naan, and also there are veg items that should also be tried and the people can have them in a pocket friendly price and the set up in also quite good but you should have a little bit of patience as the waiters are quite slow but you can be happy with the food they serve and love the place for both family and romantic dinner.

Prego at Westin

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Prego at Westin – Dhaka

Here you can enjoy the relishing Italian food which will be on your memory for a longer time. You can taste the best pastas in a wide variety of sauces and here you can have the thin crusted pizza with your favorite toppings and you can also order for some special Italian gourmet that you love to have in a perfect setting. You can order for a wide range of soups and salads and also have the best dessert here. A wide range of posh and succulent Italian food awaits you here at Prego! But mind your pocket as the food is quite expensive at this place.

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