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Nightlife in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong can never get ignored for its gorgeous lifestyle and urban cityscapes and that is why it is loved for its dynamic lifestyle and unforgettable tourism experiences. Besides the awesome tourism experiences the tourists, as well as the couples, can enjoy the most thrilling nightlife in Hong Kong as it has endless options to enjoy every moment of your holidays to the best level. There are numerous bars, night clubs, shopping centers and terrace restaurants and that is why the couples who visit here for their romantic holidays enjoy more as there are ample of ways through which they can celebrate their love life or newly wedded life. There are many Honk Kong Nightlife destinations where the tourists can enjoy the best views of the sparkling streets of Hong Kong that illuminate with the thousands of lights and making this city beautiful and enchanting. Below are some best places to enjoy the nightlife in Hong Kong.

Best Places to enjoy the Nightlife in Hong Kong

Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong

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Lan Kwai Fong And SoHo Streets

This is a place where you can look for numerous bars and pubs and the couples can really have a nice time here. The pubs and bars are eccentric and you can enjoy the best of the time out here.SoHo street is famous for its dining specialties as the street is filled up with some of the fine eating points and the couples can also enjoy the best experiences in the beautiful arena of sparklin galleys that consists restaurants, bars and nightclubs and the street is perfectly settled in the heart of the Central Business District so the couples can really enjoy the best time here.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Hong Kong

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Night Party at Rooftop Bars of Hongkong

Relaxing at a rooftop bar in Hong Kong is certainly one of the most ideal approaches to spend your nights, dousing up the unbelievable city scape while tasting the cocktails in the soothing breeze. Sevva is one of Hong Kong’s most famous rooftop bars situated nearby to HSBC and near Central MTR Station. Eyebar’s gigantic 30th floor rooftop patio offers breathtaking perspectives of Hong Kong Island. In the event that you are searching for a venue to sit and watch the Symphony of Lights in the outdoors, than this is the spot for you. The highest rooftop bar in Hong Kong is the Ozone which is located 118 stories up at Ritz Carlton.

Symphony of Lights in  Victoria Harbour

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Symphony of Lights-Victoria Harbor

This light and sound of Victoria Harbor is a world famous show which cannot be escaped from the schedule of night outs in Hong Kong and thus the couples can enjoy the best lighten up shows which is superbly amazing and the couples can get the best scenes with specially coordinated lights that are seen from the surrounding 45 major buildings on both sides of the Victoria Harbor. Couples can move to TsimShaTsui Promenade or Golden Bauhinia Square and the lighting starts around 8 ‘o’ clock in the eveningand they can select the first row to see the best views.

wan chai hong kong nightlife

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Wan Chai

This is one of the most visited place for experiencing nightlife in Hong Kong and couples cannot ignore it as it can be visited mostly by young aged due to presence of numerous bars and nightclubs and the couples can enjoy drinks and even live performances by the popular artistes. There are many rooftop bars where the couples can really have a good time as the ambience is really good and you can have a nice view of then Hong Kong cityscapes from the roofs while having your drinks and snacks. There are many other bars and restaurant in the Wan Chai area which are best known for their food and the couples should not miss them as the street can really give them unforgettable memories for life.

Nightclubs in Hong Kong

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Clubbing at Hong Kong Night Clubs

Hong Kong is already known as the clubbing capital of Asia as there is uncountable clubs and bars are there in the city so clubs can be one of the best places for the couples to enjoy the night in Hong Kong and no one can ignore the lights and the glitz of the night clubs and the bars and some of the major night clubs are PLAY, Ozone Bar, Dragon-I, Aqua Spirit, and Volarare some of the major names in the series of prominent night clubs and the couples can get mixed crowds here so they will be enough space for them to enjoy the nights.

Victoria Harbor in hong Kong

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Go For a Night Cruise on Victoria Harbor

As far as the romantic couples and their romantic holidays are concerned then they cannot ignore the night cruise on the Victoria harbor as it is a really a romantic treat to each other and they can enjoy free drinks to celebrate their love life and the spectacular Hong Kong’s skyline can be seen on both side of the harbor and the scenery will reallybe a great experience and will be beyond your imagination to spell the beautyof stunning neon cityscape for which no one will leave a chance. The cruise includes as the views of the Symphony of Lights that can be one of the important scene that to be enjoyedto witness the skyline with spectacular display of laser beams reflectingthe skyscrapers making it individually beautiful.

Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong

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Go for a Night Shopping at the Temple Street Night Market

The street is famous for its cheap goods and that is why couples should not miss shopping out here. They can shop out for various objects such as electrical items, fake label clothing, sports and everyday footwear, handicrafts, paintings, jade jewelry, which is mostly found in the Jade Street and the Jade market and there are some of the really beautiful jewelry for which you can furniture, and the couples can also shop for curios and plenty of mementoes which they can get easily from the market and also can have fun buying watches, pirated CDs and DVDs, cooking ware and household stuffs. The couples can also enjoy the open air street food stalls and can have a nice meal there to get more energized.

causeway bay hong kong

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Have a trip to the Causeway Bay at Hong Kong Island

Causeway Bay is such a site which is complete from every aspects and that is why the couples can get the best entertaining options such as shopping malls and fabulous hotel and restaurants and that is why the couples can get the best and fantastic trip in Hong Kong and that is why no couples will ignore a chance to miss the chance of visiting the Hong Kong Bay and the couples can also enjoy the entertaining options beside enjoying cruises and water activities and the fun-filled city tours and that all can get them their best trip in Hong Kong.

Sevva Rooftop bar in Hong Kong

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Sevva Rooftop Bar Hong Kong

Sevva Rooftop Bar offers dazzling perspectives of the Hong Kong harbor, that features tasteful lounge areas and amazing list of award winning cocktails. One can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Harbor, all laid out before you in a 360-degree scene. As a rooftop bar experience, Sevva Hong Kong is one of the best whether you’re want some signature cocktails and a few tapas nibbles, opening a bottle with companions, or to enjoy a fine dining experience in Hong Kong.

Magnum Club Hong Kong

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Dance at Magnum Club

Magnum Club, situated at the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, is a standout amongst the most popular and elite clubs in town.The main DJ booth overlooks the main dance floor and the dividers and roof have been decked out in cool LED boards, which change color and are customized with the rhythm of the music. There is also a round bar in the center and another at upstairs.Magnum Club likewise invites guests DJs from worldwide and is a surely a place to for celebrity hangout.

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