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Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country in Asia with Islamic Dominance. This is a beautiful nation with lushly green mangrove forests, the world’s longest beach and the best views of wild life. In earlier times people never thought of the country that got its identity just in 1971 could be such an exotic holiday destination. The country of Bangladesh is a real treat to the people who love to see beaches, sea, greenery and especially food. The nation has it all where you can go and enjoy to the fullest. The country has a sub-tropical weather that can be enjoyed by the tourists who come here to enjoy the beautiful sites and the lovely beach of Cox’s Bazar which is regarded as the longest beach of the world.

Places To Visit During Honeymoon in Bangladesh


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This is the capital city of the nation and one can get the best views of the metropolis of the nation through this city. There are ample of shopping centers and malls are there in the market where you can shop for your sweet heart and let her buy the best things she or he likes. You can buy for garments, handicrafts, and especially saris. So you can fill up your bags and have expressing romance through shopping.


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Cox’s Bazar-Chittagong

The place is known as the largest beach of the world and the couples who are for honeymoon in Bangladesh can find no place better than this. The huge beach is a perfect place to walk with your sweetheart and no one will ask you to stop as the sands are endless. You can also find some mouthwatering options through the lip smacking seafood menus presented by the beach restaurants and hotels and you cannot drive yourself away from them for very long time.


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Patenga Beach-Chittagong

Another beach in Chittagong Division which is not as huge as Cox’s Bazar but the couples can have a nice time here also as the place is serene and lovely mostly it is a place to watch out for sunsets. The beach is located at the meeting place of the sea and the river Karnaphuli. It looks more beautiful mostly when evening starts and you want to keep your hands hold with each other.


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Foy’s Lake- Chittagong

Take your partner or lover to the banks of the lake which is a great place to exchange some very cordial words with each other and the place is also have ample of options for fun and entertainment. You can visit the place to have a nice time with your partner or if you are here with your friends too to enjoy nice picnics and the lake is especially known for delivering some of the panoramic natural views and there is a zoo nearby where you can have loads of fun.Mostly people visit the place to enjoy the amusement park over here.


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Char Atra

This is an island located in the River Ganges. There are many fun filled options here where you can get to do with your partner and mostly couples ill love to visit this place during the summers. The island and the beaches are extremely romantic where you can get the best sceneries and several boating and sailing options and nice places to dine for.


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Kuakata- Barisal

This place is also known as the ‘Daughter of the Sea’ and known to be one of the most beautiful places of the nation. The place can also be considered as one of the most romantic places in Bangladesh where couples can spend their isolated moments and the picturesque locations that include the sandy beach, blue waves and green forests will definitely teal your mind way out. This is also one of the places that is known for watching both sunrise and sunset and no one can deny the beauty which should be captured through the camera and in mind for lifelong.

Khulna in Bangladesh

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This is a city located in the Khulna division and the couples can spend the time over the banks of Rupsha and Bhairav River and the city is mostly recognized as the industrial city and the city also holds the Sunderbans which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known for dynamic and unending evergreen mangrove forests. There are many parks and restaurants where you can dine on with your partner.

Bangladesh-Saint Martins Dhaka Cox Bazaar Honeymoon Package

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St. Martin’s Island

This is the only coral island of Bangladesh where you can actually spend time with your partner and you will love the place. The place is a tropical phenomenon and this is the only coral island in Bangladesh, with beaches beautifully scattered and decorated with coconut palms and with a clean and peaceful city to host its guests. The sea turtle hatchery and the Rock Island are the main places to be discovered in the park along with the marine park and the unlimited water sports such as scuba diving and boating.


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Lawachara National Park

This is a major national park of the country which is known for its biodiversity and rich flora and fauna. The national park is known for its subtropical forests and the forest is also visited for watching rhesus macaques, Phayre’s leaf monkeys, capped langurs, barking deer, sambar, leopards, Asian Black bears, golden jackals, and most importantly the western hoolock gibbons. The flora is also rich and the couples can have a romantic day out in this forest and have a nice time.

Nafakhum Waterfalls

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Nafa Kum Waterfalls

This can be one of the best romantic places in Bangladesh where couples can spend time together while watching the Nafa Kum Waterfalls and waterfall is located on the Sangu River. There is also a place which is located few kilometers away and the way can be covered through boating which is another romantic way to spend time in the country during your romantic holidays. The background is really picturesque and nobody can deny the gorgeous looks. Most importantly there is also a fish which is known as nating can also be seen and is found in the cave.

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