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Romania Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Romania: Snapshot

Best time to visit Romania:
May, June, July, August, September,

Romania romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, Evolving, Heritage, Hill Station, Lake, Peaceful, Secluded, Skiing, Trekking, Water Sports,

Laden with panoramic vistas and rich cultural heritage, the European country Romania shares its boundaries with Hungary, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova and coastal areas parallel to the Black Sea. The country is a hard blend of history, art, scenic beauty, shopping and cuisine. Romania has many highlights that include a wide range of galleries, museums, old quaint towns, cathedrals and castles, monasteries and palaces, mountains, waterfalls and pristine beaches.In recent years, the country has emerged out as one of  Europe's popular tourist destinations, standing as the second most source of economy.

Romania is a thoroughly modern and enticing country with top attractions that include Bucharest – the capital city, old town of Brasov, island city of Constanta, centuries-old Cluj-Napoca, Transylvanian Alps and Black Sea Coast. The country also boasts many architectural treasures and unique art of painting castles. With number of World Heritage Sites in its arms, Romania has a lot to offer to leisure traveler.

Romania as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

With a hard intra-mix of history, art and scenic beauty, the Romania has emerged out as a popular couple destination in recent years. The country including variety of landscapes offers an automatic love serene all through the journey to celebrate its values and beauty. Either hiring a car/ bike would be much better option so avoid unnecessary interruption of other fellows or can opt for travel tour guides. Discover the ancient cities in crowd streets, museums, galleries or start from the delta land.In adventure love, explore Transylvanian Alps or Historical town of Brasov or Black Sea coast or Mamaia Beach that offers plenty of couple activities. Feel the charm of pained monasteries, the palace of Bucharest, Peles Castle, The Casino Constanta and folkloric village of Maramures. A Candlelight dinner at anyone of the luxurious resorts and fabulous nightlife on offer will make both of you delight. Romania really can cater to every need of a couple.

Why Visit Romania as Romantic Getaway?

  • The city of Bucharest – the small Paris of the East is really majestic
  • The Carpathians full of fairytale sceneries, eccentric citadels and nearby nature vistas
  • The Land of Wooden Churches – Maramures
  • A natural Paradise of the Danube Delta is real paradise escape
  • Sighisoara – the Only inhebited Citadel

Best Time to Visit Romania

Romania experiences four climatic seasons: summers, winters, spring and autumn. No matter what time you visit the country, you will find many interesting things to do in each and every season. But the best time to visit is from mid-May to September.

Best Season: mid-May to September
Summers: June to August
Winters: December to February
Monsoons: March to May

Romania's Orthodox Cathedral

Romania's Orthodox Cathedral

Romania's Orthodox Cathedral by Camil Ghircoias

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