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Romantic Places in Arizona, USA

Arizona is a state in USA and really a great place to enjoy a quick, romantic getaway with your partner, which is the reason, why adults and couples choose this place. Arizona's staggering scenery offers a variety of opportunities to recharge your love life.

List of Romantic Tourist Destinations in Arizona

Lake Powell

Sparkling, clear, blue water laps against towering, sheer, red-rock gorch walls and sandy beaches. It is the second biggest man-made reservoir, by most extreme water capacity. Lake Powell’s stunning curve looks as though somebody had scooped a dip. This beautiful lake offers fantastic fishing and an amazing sunset or sunrise against the colored towering buttes.

Lake Powell

Lake Powell cruise. src:flickr,stuart

Desert Botanical Garden

Experience the Garden in an alternate manner every time you visit. You can wind your direction around the picturesque trails of Desert Botanical Garden. This delightful garden is one-of-a-kind museum to be explored.

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden. src:flickr,whistle

Piestewa Peak or Squaw Peak

Piestewa Peak is not just one of noticeable landmarks in the Valley of the Sun, however one of its most popular hiking venues where over a half a million couples and tourists hike its Summit Trail each year.

Piestewa Peak

Couples enjoying the beauty of the city from Piestewa Peak. src:flickr,youpicked

South Mountain Park or Phoenix Mountain Park

South Mountain Park is located in Phoenix in Arizona. Phoenix Mountain Park is the biggest city park. It preserves the mountainous area of the state with a variety of flora and fauna inside the Park. A standout amongst the most striking greenery is the Elephant tree, Bursera microphylla, which shows numerous reshaped trunk architecture.

Phoenix Mountain Park

Phoenix Mountain Park.pic:visitphoenix

Royal Palms Resort & SPA

The Royal Palms Resort is the spot to visit you want to feel the romance going out through the roof. This resort permits couples to customize their romantic getaway in Arizona according with their necessities and preferences. T. Cook’s kitchen at this hotel is the best romantic dinning place in Arizona where couples can enjoy the most delicious food with some beautiful moments.

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river placed in northern Arizona. The canyon is regularly portrayed as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon due to its scenic beauty. The Oak Creek Canyon – Sedona range is second just to Grand Canyon as the most popular couple’s destination in Arizona.

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon.src:flickr,kritter

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