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Romantic Places in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island located in the beautiful country of the United States. This city is a hotspot for waters lovers as it has some of the most famous beaches of the world and the Caribbean waves softly kissing your cheeks. The city is not only occupied with the beaches but also has some of other breathtaking sites too. The city has a lot of tourist attractions that will leave you astonished.

Best Romantic Places For Couples in Puerto Rico

San juan

The cultural capital of Puerto Rico is not only rich in history and culture but also stands out when it comes to beaches. The ocean park beach is a hidden gem of San Juan which is not all crowded, the beautiful, sugary white sands and emerald green water is treat for eyes to watch.

For history pundits the San Juan National Historic Site is the most interesting visit one can ever experience. La Fortaleza, and Castillo de San Felipe del Morro are given utmost importance by the UNESCO when it comes to the history of San Juan.

If you are bored of visiting beaches and by reliving the past again and again then San Juan has a wide array of adventurous activities for adventure fanatics.

San Juan Puerto rico

Photo Credit – James Willamor

The Vieques Bio Bay

It is the world’s brightest glowing bay where the bright blue green color is emitted from the water of the bay. It is a breathtaking experience to see the water glowing in the night. You can enter the bay through kayaking.

Vieques Bio Bay Puerto Rico

Photo Credit – Angel Xavier Viera-Vargas

The Parguera wall

If you want once in a lifetime experience in scuba diving then this place is the dreamland for you. The crystal clear water, the beautiful marine creatures and diving deep into the sea makes it a unique experience that everyone lures for.

Diving La Parguera

Photo Credit – raunov


Culebrita is a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico that is packed with the serene beaches and beautiful snorkel sites on the island you can take the immense pleasure of hiking, diving, wildlife and nature photography that is available to visitors from sunset to sunrise.

Culebra Island

Photo Credit – Matthew Kraus

El yunque

The natural wonder appears as a series of anvils, and it has lush greenery that is dense and leafy. This natural rainforest in Puerto Rico is home to about 150 species of ferns and 240 tree species. Although El Yunque is not rich in fauna, there are several interesting animals in the rainforest such as the coqui tree frog, pygmy anole and the Puerto Rican parrot.

El Yunque

Photo Credit – Trish Hartmann

Camuy river cave park

This wondrous cave is the third largest underground cave system in the world. Stroll through this massive cave and explore the beauty of the nature side by side.

Camuy river cave park

Photo Credit – Per Aspera

Palominito Island

If you love Boating and fishing then you must visit the Palomonitos Island. The tiny island is situated at the east portion of Puerto Rico. The island is divided into small islands because of the destructive effects of Hurricane George, in the year 1998. The very small island boasts of its fascinating beach and a grove of trees on one side of the island.

Palominito Island

Photo Credit – Jaro NemĨok

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