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Slovakia Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Slovakia: Snapshot

Best time to visit Slovakia:
May, June, July, August, September,

Slovakia romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, Countryside, Cruise, Evolving, Hill Station, Lake, Shopping, Skiing, Water Sports,

Slovakia is a country of mountains sharing its borders with Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungry. The country was born in the year 1993 after a long struggle from Czech Republic and hosting thousands of tourists year after year. Slovakia is a popular tourism nation with landlocked terrain and dotted villages in top hills and boasting past traditions and culture through museums and monuments. The country is home to National Reserves, Caves, Rivers, Peak Mountains, Crystal clear water lakes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tranquil towns and villages and historical monuments.

A few of the must-see attractions in the country include Bojnice & Spis Castle, Vlkolinec Village, St Elisabeth Cathedral, The Old Building of National Theatre, The New Bridge of Bratislava, Trencin Castle and Dobsinska Ice Cave with some fabulous cities that are Bratislava – the capital, Kosic, Presov, Nitra and Martin. The country offers many adventure and water sports especially in winters making it a adventure paradise. Slovakia is just like second home to any kind of personality.

If you are hoping for a honeymoon destination laden with mountains and hilly terrains and nature panoramic sceneries with some advantage of history and man-made wonders, the country of Slovakia is the best place to visit around. Especially for adventure love, book your room in any of the hill side resort and just lost in the pristine scenery all around you.

Slovakia as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Enjoy hiking, trekking, snow sports, skiing and many more games or glimpse the eye-catching views of green Valleys from the top of cliffs thrilling your souls. Enjoy jungle safari with one of the best wild life experience and walk through unique Dobshinska Ice Cave. A dinner at top of the mountain will be a life time memory for both of you. Discover the small villages residing in the mountains and may participate in local festivals.Explore the cities and learn about past of the country with some eye catching attractions like castles, cathedrals and monasteries all around in the cities. The country is a delight for shoppers and both of you may enjoy the exotic nightlife if you are fond of.

Why Visit Slovakia as Romantic Getaway?

  • Bratislava – the capital city located midst of Carpathian Mountains and Danube River
  • Castle of Spirits, Bojnice and the city of Bojnice
  • Catle Spis – the greatest in Slovakia
  • Dobshinska Ice Caves in the national park ‘Slovenian Paradise’

Best Time to Visit Slovakia

Slovakia experiences four climatic conditions with different weather all year around. The summers are quite warm and other months of the years, country remains very cold. The best time visit is from May to September.

Best Season: May to September
Summers: June to August
Winters: November to March
Monsoons: April to May

Liptov in Slovakia

Liptov in Slovakia

Liptov in Slovakia by Martin Sojka

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