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Things not to Do on Valentines Day

A wrong deed or a mischievous act can spoil your Valentine Day. Its very important to keep many things in mind while planing your Valentines Day. This is the day when you can express your love to your partner and make him/her feel how special he/she is. Put all your efforts to make this Valentine a special and a memorable one. Below are some of the things to be avoided on a Valentine Day.

Things not to Do on Valentines Day

1. Don’t Forget

This can be worst thing to start with for a Valentine Day. Try to put a reminder for this great day. Take a leave from job, give him/her you time to bring cheers to your relationship.

2. Don’t gift lingerie

This idea can surely spoil you Valentine Day. Gifting lingerie is pretty risky. Guys generally do not have much knowledge about the perfect color and size etc. Moreover she may take it in a negative way.

3. Don’t Talk about your ex

Never ever talk or discuss about your ex. This may spoil your Valentine Day. Just concentrate on your sweetheart, sitting by you and make her feel special.

4. Don’t Overspend

Women are too much concerned about useless expenses. She may panic, resulting in a spoiled V-Day. Keep a reasonable budget and make things unique and impressive.

5. Don’t Take Her to a Busy Restaurant

A busy restaurant means a well known one, where there could be a big rush. You may not be served with good food or may not have that ambiance to make special. Choose a descent restaurant, where there is limited rush and have a exotic romantic ambiance and make your sweetheart feel special.

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