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Romantic Things to do in Chicago, USA

Chicago is the third largest city of the United States known for its high end lifestyle and high rise skyscrapers. The city is located amidst the Mississippi River and the Great lakes and this is one of the significant hubs of cultural, transport, communications, finance, and technology and industrial segment of the United States. Chicago is a lively city and sprawling metropolitan area. The city is known for the blues and the jazzand for being the first city to build skyscrapers. It is one of the world's best cities, and the couples who are choosing the city as their honeymoon destination will really enjoy the luxuries of, shopping, and fine dining and other fun and entertainment.

Romantic Places to See in Chicago

  • Couples should not miss to visit the museums of Chicago which are one of the best attractions of the city. The museums of Chicago such as the Shedd Aquarium, where  they can spot, sharks, dolphins, whales and best species of marine life of California.
  • Chicago beaches are one of the best places the couples can visit during their honeymoon in Chicago and they can walk miles and miles holding their hands and being close.
  • Couples can visit the Beverly and Mount Greenwood which is known as the Ireland in Chicago as the city has some genuine Irish pubs, burrs, galleries, in the area and most importantly they can see the odd haunted castle which will be an extremely different experience for the couples.
  • Couples who are food lovers can visit the Little Village Garfield Park, and Humboldt Park as these are the areas which are known for great food, amusement parks and clubs.
  • Couples should visit the Millennium Park which is indeed one of the best romantic getaways of Chicago as there are extremely bouncing and sparkling fountains and the couples can also enjoy a live Jazz performance in the park which will be a thrilling experience.

Best Activities in Chicago

  • Couples who want to enjoy great and lively nightlife of Chicago can visit the Lincoln Park, Boystown, Old Town and Lakeview as they can find a huge array of bars, clubs and lounges where they can have their grooving nights.
  • Couples should visit the Hyde Park, Edgewater and Roger’s Park where they can have great fun as these are the beaches and entertaining points that are especially made for adults and couples.
  • Couples should take a bicycle ride where they can roam around the beach lines the Edgewater and they can start their ride from Downtown and ride through in a romantic way through the shoreline of Hollywood Beach.
  • Shopping can be a great experience in Chicago as there are various ranges of shops and market streets in the city where they can shop for branded ones and street shopping too.
  • Couples who are in Chicago should not miss viewing movies in theaters as this city is United States best place to watch movies after New York.

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