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Romantic Things To Do in Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is known as the biggest city of Scotland and indeed known for its natural and architectural beauty. The city is located on the banks of River Clyde and city has a rich historic and architectural significance. Before two decades, Glasgow has been granted the European titles of City of Culture, City of Architecture and Design and later on it also got other status of Capital of Sport. Glasgow was named as a UNESCO City of Music because it hosts an average number of 130 music events a week ranging from pop and rock to Celtic music and opera and thus it became the second Scottish city to join the UNESCO Creative Cities and so the couples who are looking for some musical honeymoon destinations can definitely look for this place as great vacation spots. But not only music but the city has changed itself as a hub of tourism, and culture. This is one of the best vacation getaways of the British Isles where the honeymoon couples can enjoy shopping, food, nightlife, city life as it comes out as an all-inclusive honeymoon packages of Glasgow.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Glasgow

  • Beside the huge architectures Glasgow is also known for greenery and the couples can make a visit to the Glasgow Green which is a park built in 15th century and known to be the city’s oldest ones.
  • Glasgow Cathedral is such architecture in Glasgow which cannot be ignored, and the couples can witness the great Gothic architecture which was built in 397 AD.
  • Glasgow is a city where the couples can dine in the various street restaurants presenting the aromatic and relishing Indian cuisines in the Church Street, Argyle’s street where they can really get the chance to enjoy heavenly food and wines.
  • Take your loved one to the Glasgow film theater in the weekend awayto treat her with some late night romantic classics and make her feel special and the ‘women of your life’.
  • Visit to the Glasgow’s oldest restaurant and have the oysters and Champagne which would make your better half feel special and the place known as –Rogano.
  • Glasgow is a place where couples can enjoy their nights in several pubs and there are a line of pubs where they can snack and drink and also have a look to the “cock fights” too.
  • Weekend getaways for couples in Glasgow can be among best romantic breaks as they can drive to Loch Lomong which is a place for mountain biking, canoeing and the best part will be enjoying the scenic place.
  • Couples could sail on the paddle steamer which is quite ancient but promises to be one of the best experiences which can be great honeymoon cruises in Glasgow.
  • Botanical Gardens could be a place where you can spend your evening or your day as the park has a collection of plants from all over the world and it is a treat to the eye.
  • Do not leave any chance to attend the music show in the city as it has been stated as UNESCO City of Music.

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