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Romantic Things To Do In Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong offers a number of romantic experiences to honeymoon couples with an unending list of romantic things to do in Hong Kong. Tourists from all over the world come to see the beautiful city and that is why it is also becoming a most loved place for the honeymooners, and romantic couples. The couples can go for the various trips and tours that are available in the city and that is why no will like to leave the city without exploring it. You can also be sure of getting the best food in the city and can also go for a culinary tour out there. Hong Kong is a city of many entertainment options and that is why couples not only from China but from the other parts of the world too. Hong Kong is also known more as a harbor city. The tourists who visit here love the packed streets and also love the natural views along with the contemporary look of the city that covers with its gloomy foothills and stony isle sand make the city look like a town settled in a village and more of the areas are named as Country Park and the tourist who come here can find both solace and wildness in the same city. From beaches to nightlife , candlelit dinners to romantic cruises, there are so many romantic things to do in Hong Kong .

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Hong Kong

Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Photo Credit- Kimon Berlin

Take a Trip Victoria Peak

This is an awesome peak with a stunning view of Hong Kong Island and this wok-shaped is witnessing the beauty since the British Era when Hong Kong was a part a British colonization, and it is also home to some of the most lavish families of Hong Kong. Couples can visit here during their vacation period and the couples can enjoy the best meals in the various restaurants and can also go for shopping around the peak area. This is an awesome place for a complete day tour for the couples.

helicopter ride in hong kong

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Take your Darling for a Peninsula’s Helicopter Ride

One of the most romantic things to do in Hong Kong .Take your darling to a helicopter ride taking off from Hong Kong’s iconic Peninsula hotel will be an unforgettable journey with spectacular harbor views. During the trips you can also go fora relishing lunch or dinner at The Peninsula’s restaurants and you can enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy message and a pampering body massage with a nice facial for a fresh and glowing skin.And more to add your schedule you can also add a nice and relaxing treatment arranged by the trip arranger.

Wong Nai Chung Gap Reservoir in Hong Kong

Photo Credit- Lip Jin Lee

Go for a romantic boating at the Wong Nai Chung Gap Reservoir

You will love the boating experience in the Wong Nai Chung Gap Reservoir and you can floaton the water you your loved one by peddling on the waves. This is a romantic place which is nestled amidst the emerald vegetation and with the stunning views of the green backdrop. The boats you hire for sailing atNai Chung Gap Reservoir are made with a sunroof and seat either two or four that makes them perfect for dates and couples. The couples can enjoythe gorgeous look of the wildlife that is rich with its koi fish and terrapinsand beautiful birds, which are found in and near the reservoir along with the boat tour the couples  can also enjoy one great meal in the bar and restaurant inside the reservoir area.

victorian spa hong kong disneyland

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Having a Pampering time at the Victorian Spa

You can have an enjoying time at the Victorian Spa which is located at Hong Kong Disneyland and the couples can really rejoice their vacation with much relaxation and pamper. The spa is there for you where you can get the best of the spa massage with the best aromatherapy solutions and with the a fine sauna, and the couples can also enjoy in a Jacuzzi, with a fitness center along with an indoor and outdoor pools which are perfect for a relaxing evening and that is why you can get your tour and travel tiredness get out from your body.

Picnic in Hong Kong

Photo Credit- katsuhiro7110

Go for a nice Picnic at the Hong Kong Park

Couples can go for a nice day out or a picnic at the Hong Kong Park and you can really have ample of fun out here as the place is really romantic as you get to see the lush velvety grass, and there are many benches, and the couples can enjoy the views over landscaped lakes, and the mesmerizing waterfalls and rivers, and there is alsoa mini concrete coliseum, and the couples can also enjoy the best Chinese music though concerts performed by famous Chinese musicians available in the city.

Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hong Kong

Photo Credit- neelaka

Going with your partner for a Romantic Dinner

One of the most romantic thing to do in Hong Kong can be taking your partner to a romantic candle light dinner. Hong Kong is a place of lavishness and luxury and you can have all of them while visiting this city with ease and one thing while your romantic holiday can touch the sky as they can go for nice meals in the various places that serve some of the best Chinese food and many other inter-continental food and also you can go for a complete food tour of this city. Couples can enjoy some of the very relishing food of the country by going to this tour and they can enjoy the food by staying in the city in various kinds of food such as noodles, sushi, meat, and many others.

Beach in hong Kong

Photo Credit- Eddie Yip

Going to the Hong Kong Beaches

This can be the best romantic place compared to other ones in the city of Hong Kong and as far as couples are concerned they can visit the beaches for the ultimate fun out here to enjoy the waves and the sun in more than 200 out-of-the-way islands, there are many extensive coastline which are filled with impressive bays and beaches, such as Repulse Bay, Middle Bay, Big Wave Bay and the couples will surely have fun in these beaches which are urban and serve with many nice retsuarnst to fulfill the needs and the desires of the couples.

Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong

Photo Credit – Darren

Visit to the Mai Po Nature Reserve

This huge 27 hectare park is a must visit in the city of Hong Kong as the couples can see the beauty of nature very closely and the park can make the couples really feel romantic with its ambiance as they can get a floating footpaths and trails through beside the long array of mangroves and mud flats; and numerous towers or huts from where the couples can watch birds chirping all around the park and make the environment really awesome.

Buddhist Monasteries-in-Hong Kong

Photo Credit – Laruse Junior

Make a Religious Trip to the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

This is a Buddhist temple with a nine storey build up and the temple has 10,000 Buddha idols and it is really an unusual one. The temple was built in the year 1950 and near about 12,800 miniature statues can be seen studded on the walls of the main temple and countless of life-sized golden statues of Buddha’s can be seen here. The ambience of the Pagoda is serene and the couples can feel a peaceful and calm environment here.

DisneyLand HongKong

Photo Credit – of other days

Hong King Disneyland

Visitng Disneyland is one of the best romantic things to do in Hong Kong. No matter the fun island of the United States is seen; but the couples can enjoy the same essence of Disney and its characters in Asia itself. Hong Kong has recreated the magic of Disney cartoon characters and the couples can really have some genuine fun here. Though this place is called for children but couples can also have enough fun here with the rides and also have a nice enjoy snacks available in the place and they can also get the best fun and entertainment here.

Temple Street Hong Kong

Photo Credit – Connie Ma

Enjoy at the Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong is a place where the couples can find hundreds of things and activities to do at night and the Temple Street night market is one of them. The market is one of the bubbliest markets in Hong Kong and the couples can have loads of fun enjoying shopping things. Couples can shop for cheap clothes, pirated CDs, footwear, watches, cookware and everyday stuffs and the suggestion is to go for the best bargaining style as the market has printed priced objects but you can definitely bargain on them.

Hong Kong Island

Photo Credit – 流璃

Take a Hong Kong Island Half-Day Tour

A very much suitable to the honeymoon couples who are here for their honeymoon tours and the couples can go for the Half Day Tour of the Hong Kong Island and can enjoy both sand and sea. Hong Kong Island, is already famous for its past era and landmarks and the main attraction of the island is the Aberdeen fishing village, Victoria Peak, and the Stanley Market and the couples can also get a nice visit to the stunning Repulse Bay. The breathtaking views of the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the surrounding islands is covered through the tour.

Shenzhen City

Photo Credit – Discover Shenzhen

Explore the Shenzhen City

Shenzhen City tour is a great place to explore the best sightseeing and doing shopping and the couples cannot miss this opportunity as they can get the best of their tours planned to this vibrant city. The city is followed by a rail trip from Hong Kong and the newlyweds will enjoy the visits of enjoy a shopping extravaganza at the silk factory outlet and the Lo Wu Commercial Shopping Mall, Shenzhen Museum, and most importantly the place is a shopping hub and the couples can enjoy the entire trip.

A funny Pink Dolphin Cruise

Couples can also go for a funny Pink Dolphin Cruise as these dolphins are found between Hong Kong and Macau and in the waters of Amazon River.The Pearl River Delta, which lies between Hong Kong and Macau, is home to these pink dolphins and these lovely animals can be seen jumping and floating in the water and during the cruise the couples will be provided with tea and coffee.

Wetland park Hong Kong

Photo Credit – See-ming Lee

Hong Kong Wetland park Tour

A wonderful place to be where the couple can see the ecological system of Hong Kong with the Wetland Park where there is a swamp and countless birds can be seen here. There is a café, theater and a gallery is also there where they can have a nice brunch. The place is apt for quiet romancing and bird watching and the couples can walk hand in hand here.

Nightlife Hong Kong

Photo Credit – Michelle Robinson

Nightlife of Hong Kong

Couples will get the best night clubs and bars in Hong Kong and they can get the best food and music in the streets here. Among the best night clubs to enjoy music is the Butler, Hidden Agenda, Club 71, Inter Continental Lobby Lounge, Angel’s Share Whisky Bar and many others. These clubs also provide great music and the couples can have best time here.

Tian Tan Buddha Lantau Island

Photo Credit – Remon Rijper

Take a trip to the Lantau Island

Lantau Island is one of the best places considered for the honeymoon couples. This is considered the largest island of Hong Kong. There is a Discovery Bay located here where the couples can have fun as this is a beautiful resort of the island. Most of the parts of the island are declared as Country Parks and this island is the Gateway to Hong Kong Disneyland.

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