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Romantic Things To Do in Santa Cruz, USA

Santa Cruz is a magnificent coastal city of California State of the United States. The city is located in the Monetary Bay and the couples who have visited this city for their honeymoon holidays can enjoy glorious beach vacations and the city is located in Santa Cruz County, where the couples can have loads of lovely moments in the picturesque backdrops of the city where the couples can spend their romantic holidays in a unique way. In the city of Santa Cruz vacation deals the couples can enjoy the overwhelming Monterey Bay and beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains which create a magical ambience all together and can really enhance your moods for romance. The beaches of Santa Cruz are known for its picturesque beauties and the couples can indulge into various adventurous water sports and swimming in the waves of Monetary Bay.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Santa Cruz

  • Go for a quiet stroll in the West Cliff holding hands together and watch the sunset together which will be a romantic affair and an evening to remember for a longer time.
  • Go Indulge in some coziness and pamper yourself through massage and togetherness in any of the spa of the city where you can enjoy couples services in your vacation packages and among many of the spas you can enjoy the Chaminade which is one of the best spas of the city.
  • Go for a picnic in the weekend breaks between the redwoods and enjoy the romantic location with the spectacular backdrop and the place also offer you with nice paddle boats which can be taken for sailing in the Loch Lomond Reservoir and in between the Santa Cruz hills.
  • Beach vacations are something which can be enjoyed in the city and the couples cannot miss the honeymoon cruises in the Monetary Bay which are spectacular and overflying. The warm heart will jump in thrill and fly in the air that will soothe and blow up their hair.
  • The beach Boardwalk is a place which actually nobody misses while their honeymoon in Santa Cruz as the place is one of the happening and fun spots of the city as well as cheap romantic getaways too.
  • The Downtown of Santa Cruz can be one of the best weekend getaway ideas and the couples can really enjoy the location which is filled with shopping destinations, bars, restaurants and nightclubs so they can also enjoy the nightlife of the city.
  • Surfing, sailing, Kayaking are some of the water activities which can be enjoyed in their island vacations in this coastal city. Also do not miss the skydiving where the couples can enjoy their best wild passions.
  • Go for a romantic candle lite dinner on the Santa Cruz beach which will be enough for you to share your inner feelings and your intimate passions for each other.
  • Warm up your nights in the luxury hotels of the city to enjoy the best amenities and their services will be the best as you choose their couples suite for your love vacations.
  • Raise a toast to your love life with the wine tours of Santa Cruz Mountains.

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