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Romantic Things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a state city and an island country located in the South East Asia. It is located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The country is one of the major tourist destinations of the world known for its high profile lifestyles and for being counted amongst the busiest ports of the world. All through the year Singapore gets huge flocks of tourists and honeymoon couples from all parts of the world who want to see this beautiful islands nation and also experience high class shopping, the bustling lifestyle and the energetic nightlife. The state city is also known for being the largest commercial hubs of Asia which has got AAA rating in credit ratings in the Asian Country's list. Singapore is a nation that is popular for serving the most mouthwatering seafood in the globe and some of the breathtaking sea-beaches, fascinating flora and fauna where the tourists and the couples can take trips to the bird-parks and also opt for night safaris to explore the wonderful wildlife habitat. Today Singapore is a nation that has left all its past struggling history behind and came up and one of the best cosmopolitan nation with that blends all cultures and made itself a new and fascinating country that charms through its sparkling future to the spectators from all around the globe.

Top 10 things Couples can do in Singapore

A Day out to the Singapore Zoo

You can take a small day trip to the Singapore zoo to explore the animal habitat in the city. The zoo is considered as one of the best of the world’s natural adobe for the animals and you can see the beautiful animals wandering around all over the zoo and this could be one of the best views one can have. There is a gorgeous replica of African village can be seen with the Malaysian fly foxes, orangutans, red bumped baboons and there is also a wonderland where the couples can enjoy at their best.

Singapore Zoo

Photo Credit – Daran Kandasamy

See the Flawless Greenery at the Botanical Gardens

Visiting this park will be a worthy effort made by the honeymoon couples as they will get to see the emerald green environment which was established in the year 1860 and the atmosphere is really soothing and serene that makes them feel cool and surprised. The Victorian garden is a real pleasure to watch out for and the couples can also watch for the National Orchid Garden where there are 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of orchids and hundreds of flowering species can be seen here.

Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Photo Credit – awee_19

Do not miss the Night Safari

Couples can look for doingsomething new and adventurous can be experienced through the night safari and the couples can enjoy the night out at the wild areas of the city and the couples can view the tigers, elephants who will pass by the tram as you are required to travel by tram with a 45 minutes ride watching more than 120 species of animal life. From the Himalayan Foothills to having anUluUlu buffet dinner amidst the jungle and its habitats will be an impressive affair.

Night Safari

Photo Credit – Allie_Caulfield

Have a Romantic Dinner by the Singapore River

Go for another night tour where you can get the glimpses of the city and the couples who are in the city. Get a pick up from any spot of central part of the city and visit the night Downtown and get a romantic dinner in the Rafles Hotel and you can also pass by the Fountain of Wealth which is a fantastic view as this is the world’s largest fountain and the couples can have a good time.

Raffels Hotel

Photo Credit – William Cho

Drive through the Marina Bay Sands

The couples can get a nice drive to one of the most happening place of Singapore and the place is known ‘Marina Bay Sands’. This is such a place where the honeymoon moments will be more lightened as this is expansive hotel which is having, exhibition house, casino, theater complex and museum, restaurants under one roof. Do not forget to view the 13 minute light show every night.

Marina Bay Sands

Photo Credit – green_kermit

Go diving to explore the Underwater World

Diving is an activity which the couple can do in the city of Singapore and they can get the best views of the jellyfish, and also get to dive with the sharks too. So, the couples who are looking to dive under the water and look for the live under it can go through the glass tubes. They can also opt for the dolphin lagoons too.

Underwater World

Photo Credit – wyliepoon

Having Fun in the East Coast Park

This is one of the gorgeous beaches of Singapore and the couples can go for various water and beach sports here as they can go for kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, rollerblading and many others. Couples can go for a bike ride on which they can go by the sea and it will be flying high in love and they can also have brunch in the beach restaurants and have fun in the sea clubs.

East Coast Park

Photo Credit – Tomasz Wagner

Spend a Day and Night at the Sentosa

Sentosa Island is a place which is considered as a heaven for the honeymoon couples as there are limitless things to do in the island. As this is an island so there will be an ample of water sports and activities can be done here and they can enjoy on the Tanjong Beach, Fort Siloso and many other places.

Sentosa Singapore

Photo Credit – William Cho

Go for nice Drinks to some awesome Bars

Singapore is a city where the couples could find very nice bars such as Colbar, HandleBar, ChiHuly Lounge, Wine Network and many other to celebrate the commencement of your wedded life. In the bars the couples can also enjoy live dance and music and get the best ambience to enjoy.

Bars in Singapore

Photo Credit – VasenkaPhotography

Fine Dining in the restaurants

The city of Singapore has a number of restaurants that offers fine dining experiences and the city is specially known for serving the best sea food in the world so you can be sure of a relishing meal in any of the eating points and you can be sure of lip smacking experiences

Restaurants, Singapore

Photo Credit – Steel Wool

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