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Top Things to Do in Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country in Asia divided with India in the year 1947. The country is known for its history and culture and thus quite popular for being a rural yet modern nation equally. Bangladesh is also known for its friendly people and, most importantly its food and scenic beauty which is mostly covered by mangrove forests and sea beach. The country is rally a place to visit when you are looking for natural beauty, sea beaches, tea gardens or any other beauties all are seen in this country and the visit of the country is also considered among the budgeted tours for the people from all over the world. Bangladesh can be also a great place for shopping for the couples who are here for their romantic holidays.

Sundarbans Bangladesh

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Visiting the Sundarbans

This is a trip that cannot be ignored at any cost when you visit Bangladesh. The place is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best places in the world to watch out for Royal Bengal Tigers. But there are more excitement that awaits for you through the views of saltwater crocodiles, king cobras, leopards and Indian Cobras. The forest is spread across West Bengal in India. This is one of the largest wildlife sanctuary to watch for royal Bengal tigers counting to more than 400 in numbers. There are more species of fishes, reptiles, can also be seen and the forest safaris are also available for the tourists to explore the beauties of forests.

Cox's Bazar

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Exploring Cox’s Bazar

Bangladesh is a small nation but it holds the world’s largest beach. The beach is not only huge but wonderful too and there are ample of options through which you can have loads of fun here. No matter you are arriving at this nation with your girlfriend or wife or family you cannot miss visiting Cox’s bazar as this is a place with natural sands and unending sea uniting Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Unlimited dining options and lots of surfing can be done on the beach for more fun.


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Buy some Gold in Dhaka

Dhaka is already famous for being the capital city of Bangladesh and also known for the best craftsmanship in gold. The goldsmiths in the city are famous for their artistry and their famous designs and ornamentation work are extremely beautiful and praiseworthy. Most of the goldsmith shops are located in old Dhaka and make sure to not visit here on Fridays as this day is the closure day but you can definitely buy some very beautiful gold jewelry from here and can get a wide range of classic and contemporary designs.


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Take a boat trip to the Sunderbans

You can also explore the Sundarbans through sailing on the boat and can see alligators floating beside the boats and definitely you will go a guided tour. The trip is indeed a safari to the dynamic mangrove forests and its flora and fauna and the discovery is indeed a mind blowing experience especially for those who want to see beautiful animals at the home and amidst the green forests. Especially the rain forest, the National Park and the jungle is worth a visit for every tourist here.

Foy's Lake

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Visit the Foy’s Lake

The Foy’s Lake is one of the major tourist places of Bangladesh where you must make a visit. The place is really an awesome and a serene one where you can enjoy some of the beautiful natural sceneries and love the sight for its calmness and romance. The couples who are on a honeymoon trip in Bangladesh can consider this place as one of the favorite where they can have their best time together and can get the finest place for boating and sailing on the lake.

Rangamati Reservoir

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A small Day trip at the Rangamati Reservoir

The Rangamati reservoir is another place for going boating with your partner and family and you do not require a reason for it. The place is really beautiful and you will love the gondolas and the boats that look very calm and a peaceful one who will take you to the other side with just rippling water beside you.

Hazrat Shahjalal Yemeni

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Do not miss the Sylhet

This is one of the major cities of the country which is very much visited for its religious place and many other reasons. You can visit the religious places or shrine such as the shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal Yamani and Hazrat Shah Farhan, and Shahi Eidgah and many other tourist spots such as the Tamabil-Jaflong where you can see the beautiful and sparkling waterfalls and the vivacious tea gardens on the hills are just a place where you can stay for hours. More you can also visit the rolling hills covered with emerald green forests.

Lawachara Rain Forest

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Lawacherra Rain Forest

Another place in Sylhet where you will love to see the greenery and the lovely surroundings that are truly the lap of nature and you will feel yourself lucky to be here. The various species of birds such as parrots and owls are normally seen along with a huge number of gibbons and no one can miss the rare Chloroform tree which is alone in Asia found in this place. More species to look for is the squirrels, wild chicken, deer, leopard, and python can also be seen here.

Srimangal tea garden

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Explore the largest Tea Garden of the World

Another beautiful place is Sylhet which is the Sreemangal tea garden and this is recognized as the largest Tea garden of the world which is a magnificent place to be discovered in Bangladesh. The aromatic hills will make you crazy as there are many other plantations can be explored here. The hills are also having the plants of camellia, which is known as green carpet or Tea Mountain.The area is mostly covered with tea estates along with the largest one in the world. Besides being the largest tea the hills are also having the trees of rubber and lemon and pineapple, creating a scenic backdrop.

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