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Weekend Getaways From Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the beautiful and bustling capital city of Thailand and is it a gorgeous tourist destination of the world. People mostly from Asia love to visit this city frequentlyto enjoy their vacation to the fullest and they can shop from here as this is a city which is known for its superb shopping destinations. Bangkok is one of the best cosmopolitan cities of Asia and known for its wonderful temples and citadels, which are worth viewing and the city is also favorite among the honeymoon couples as they love to visit here as they get all modes of fun romance and enjoyment under one roof. There are some very realistic canals, there are streets and markets which are full of life and most importantly Bangkok is known for a vivacious nightlife that will actually make you forget everything else beside you.

Weekend Getaways Destinations From Bangkok

Hua Hin

This is a gorgeous seaside resort very close from Bangkok and the couples who are looking forward for a longer vacation could opt for this gorgeous place. The resort is a perfect place for adventurous water sports such as snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming and the couples can also visit this resort for more options of entertainment such as enjoying golf games and they will also get golden chances of waterfalls, peaks, flora and fauna and most importantly for lip smacking seafood.

Hua Hin Thailand

Khao Yai National Park

Located in Isaan this is the second largest national park in Thailand and houses a number of flora and a wildlife. Right from mammals, reptiles, birds, and the park is a treat to your eyes. The park has many more to offer just from its rich wildlife and lushly forests as you can also go for some fine trekking in its hiking trails and the couples can also enjoy the beauty of nature with the view of HaewNarok falls, and HaewSuwat Waterfall and some other spectacular views of the park.


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This is one of the honeymooner’s Paradises of the world. In Phuket the couples can have enough of fun and they can have the best beach views with fine yacht cruises and some spectacular opportunities of water sports besides swimming are snorkeling, yachting,diving,para-sailing and jet-skiing and many others. The best thing to be done in Phuket is to enjoy in its stunning beaches according to your choices with your partner.


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An UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can go to catch for the ancient ruins of the 17th century and the ruins are seen in forms of temples and palaces. Beautiful structures and architectures can also be seen in this place which are mostly from the era of Buddhism and the couples can also enjoy good food over here. This is an island where you will see good number of temples and the couples should also take care that they are wearing full covered dresses as no short dresses are allowed inside the temples premises for respects.


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