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Weekend Getaways From Kasauli, India

Kasauli is a small town of the state of Himachal Pradesh of India. It is a beautiful lace and apt for those tourist who are seeking peaceful yet beautiful place to spend their vacations.Kasauli is having a beautiful and serene backdrop where the newly wedded couples can have their best time. They can walk hand in hand in the green paths of the town. The city is also having a strong connection from the era of the mythological epic of the Ramayana and it is said that Lord Hanuman kept his feet on this land while he was looking for the life giving plant of Sanjeevani. Very special attractions like Manki Point and Sunset Point are considered the best places for the honeymoon couples as the city delivers the best atmosphere for the couples where they can feel loved and also love his or her partner in abundance. Having the best local trails for hiking and the couples can enjoy their vacation at the fullest.

List of Weekend Getaways From Kasauli


A beautiful district where the couples can have their holidays spent in the weekends and this is a stunning city and there are many beautiful parks where they can have the best trips and they can be with each other and get closer. And the couples who are looking to get some very special and lonely moments to spend with each other then they can choose Solan. This is a place which is very suitable forthe religious visit as there Sholoni Devi Temple, the Gurkha Fort, and the Jatoli Shiv Temple.The place is also relevant to the Mahabharata era and the backdrop of the city is worth viewing.

Solan , Himachal Pradesh

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This is an exquisite hill station that can be visited during your weekend vacations and they can visit this to view its picturesque valleys and colorful orchids that are loaded with fruits. Parwanoo is a place where the couples can see the beautiful gardens too and they can be on the serene place which will be apt for their holidays to be spend in a colorful place but very quiet place to be in. Couples can ride on the cable car which will be from the Timber hill and the couples can see very famous Cactus Garden.


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A very famous place of the state of Himachal Pradesh and the place is a paradise for the honeymooners and they can witness many spellbinding locations. The couples can also visit the Great Himalayan Nature Park where they can witness more than 180 species of birds and also see the Great Himalayan peak which is a definite enchanting view. Couples can also enjoy various adventurous sports like Tobogganing, Skiing, go carting and also go for horse riding too.


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A beautiful place of Himachal Pradesh which is settled in the lush valleys and snowcapped mountains of Himachal and the place has a royal value too. The Suketi Fossil Park, Renuka Wildlife Park and Simbalwara National Park where they can see the wildlife and see the beautiful animals.

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