Honeymoon Destinations In Egypt

Alexandria is the second largest city in the country of Egypt in the north central part of the country along the coast of Mediterranean Sea and the largest city lying...read more »
Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and the largest city of the country as well as in Africa. Situated on the bank of Nile river, the capital city of...read more »
Egypt is a country known for its archaeological and cultural riches situated in North Africa. Old monuments like the Giza Pyramid Complex, the Valley of King, Memphis, the Great Sphinx,...read more »
Hurghada is a city located on the Red Sea coast in Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, with around 40 kilometers of coastline on the Red Sea. The resort city is...read more »
Luxor is a city in the Upper (southern) Egypt on the bank of Nile river and one of the most visited honeymoon destination in the country. Characterized as the 'world's...read more »
Sharm el-Sheikh
Sharm el-Sheikh is a popular port and resort town in South Sinai Governorate in Egypt. The city is situated at the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula on the coastal strip...read more »

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