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Gift Ideas For Him (Husband/ Boyfriend)

Gift Ideas For him or your beloved is a a tough question since there are many thoughts that roam in your mind whenever you want to gift him something precious and which he would love to have.Choosing a gift for your boyfriend, husband becomes very tough, as it is very difficult to please them with gifts. Also there are very limited number of things which can be given as gifts to male partners.

We have managed to list down few unique romantic gift ideas for him, hope it will help you to find the suitable gifts.

Most Unique Romantic Gift Ideas for Husband or Boyfriend

Romantic Gift Basket

A romantic basket full of lot of goodies that you can both serve during your first night can be a really very romantic gift for your husband. You can put his favorite bottle of wine or champagne and two glasses that use can both serve in order to celebrate your love. You can also add a card with some romantic messages written on it for him, furry handcuffs, a tape or CD of romantic songs to make the atmosphere more romantic and you can also invite him to dance with you. There are lot of other choices that the basket can contain and that depends upon your creativity and interest of your spouse. But try to make it as romantic and beautiful as you can.

Men’s Jewelry

Although not all men like jewelry but certainly there are some light jewelry items and designs that your husband will surely like. There are plenty of options for this like rings, cuff-links, bracelets and pendants with custom designs or stones. You can also personalize this one to suit his personality and his favorite choices of colors.You need not give some expensive jewelry, there are plenty of alternatives to expensive jewelry that will make a beautiful and romantic gift at reasonable price.


A ring is always one of the most beautiful and expressively romantic gift for anyone. You can gift him a ring with the first letter of his name engraved on it or of his favorite stone or his birthstone or some other beautiful designs that suit his personality and taste.


Cufflinks are the perfect pieces of men’s jewelry to gift your husband on the first night. Cufflinks with diamonds, quartz, turquoise, emeralds, and rubies make a fantastic and a romantic gift that he can keep with him all the time.


Bracelets are a great gift for men and most of the men love wearing bracelets, so if you can find one that matches the personality and taste of your spouse, it can be a really charming and romantic gift idea for your husband on this special night of your life.


Almost all men love electronic gadgets and choices are plenty in this category. For example, if you husband loves music, a music player would be a great gift or you can also gift him a mobile phone or tablet of his choice and brand.If your husband like most of the men in the world is also a gadget lover, then what can be a better gift than a mobile phone of his choice! Or Laptops which are a Little bit on the costlier side, but still an ideal choice for a gadget gift for your husband.

Men’s Watch

A watch of his choice can be another romantic gift idea for your husband. It will depend upon your knowledge about him and his choices, make sure to choose a watch that will complement his personality and taste. There are numerous brands from the normal ones to the high luxury watch brands. Choose one according to your budgets but there are some popular ones like Cartier, Titan, Chopard etc.

Collage Photos

This one is probably one of the most romantic and classic gift idea not only for the first night of your wedding but for any other occasions as well. You can prepare a collage of your most beautiful love photos with him that captures the lovely moments spent by you both together, that will surely make him feel special and things are bound to get more romantic after this special gift. You can arrange these photos chronologically from the day you first met, until the day of your wedding. To make it more special and romantic, write a romantic comment or message under every photo that expresses your feeling of love for him.

Men’s Accessories

If you know the choices and preferences of your husband very well, then gifting him any of the men’s accessories would be great idea for a first night gift that he would surely love. You can gift him sun glasses of his choice and brand, a belt or even a wallet of his favorite brand would be a great idea. This is a good way to show that you are in his life to take care of all his needs and you understand his choices, taste and interests.

Crystal Ball

A crystal ball with a photo of you and him together is a great romantic gift for your husband, specially for the first night of wedding. This one is also not going to be on the expensive side and still it speaks the thousand stories of you and him together. You can find plenty of such crystal ball gifts on some good gift shops and ask them to customize it to have the photos you want and the message you want to put inside it. This gift has a lot of scope for your creativity and you can tailor made it to be liked by your husband by coloring it in your husband’s favorite color and making it more presentable and lovely. He would surely love this gift from you to him.

Couple T-Shirts

What can be a better gift than the gift which you both can put on together! Couple T-shirts with the your names and photo or caricature printed on it, is definitely a cute and romantic gift to present to your husband on first wedding night. While buying this gift, keep in mind you choose his favorite color and designs and then have it customized to have a photo of you both together or some other romantic messages written on it.

Personalized Heat Change Mug

A personalized heat change mug is something that needs your creativity and some really good ideas to make it a memorable gift for your husband on the first night. A heat change mug is something that looks like a simple mug normally, but when you pour some hot water or any hot drink like Coffee or Tea into it, then the outside of the mug reveals it’s real design. You can have it customized to engrave a photo of you together or only photo of him with a romantic message written or any other romantic designs you like. Just simply offer your husband a cup of coffee, tea or any other hot drink on your first wedding night and as soon as you will pour the drink into it, the personalized design on the mug will reveal and your husband would not be able to stop himself from appreciating this romantic gift and surely the things will go more romantic and smooth on the special night.


If you are still not decided with your gift, you can keep it simple and romantic by gifting his favorite perfume to him on the first night. This one is one of the most simple, classic and yet a very romantic gift for your husband that he would be able to use in daily life. Also, ask him to use the perfume on that night also and let the things turn into more romantic and exotic ones.

There can be plenty of other romantic gift ideas for your husband on first night and that depends on your creativity and understanding of him. But whatever you gift him, he should definitely like it and remember that the best gift you can give is yourself.

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