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29 Romantic Gift Ideas For Him On Wedding Night

Wedding Night Gift Ideas For Husband is one of the most confusing and time taking question that arises in every married women.The best part about your wedding comes just after that, the wedding night or the first night as some people call it. The wedding night is a very special occasion in the life of every newly married girl and therefore you should do all you can to make it even more special and a night to be remembered for the rest of your life.Make his wedding night a romantic yet memorable one, by showing him what he means to you. Take note of the little things that he loves; select a gift which matches his personality, his taste and his need. If you have no such idea, then you can figure out what you should adorn him with, by checking out these romantic gift ideas for your husband for wedding night.

Unique Romantic Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Him

Love Basket For Him

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Basket of Love

It is important that you start off the things nice and slow and then move towards intimacy. The best gift for that would be a romantic basket packed with the romantic items such as a bottle of his favorite wine, two wine glasses, cards with romantic messages and also you can go little naughty with it also. Among the drinks, you can also add a few strawberries and a bottle of cream because they taste amazing and they are aphrodisiacs.It will definitely make the atmosphere more romantic and intimate and would help you both to be turned on and comfortable on your wedding night.


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Honeymoon Experiences

If you have already planned your honeymoon trip, then you can make it more special by adding some more fun into it by gifting some additional honeymoon experience that he would love. You can purchase tickets or book an attraction that your husband would really enjoy your honeymoon or some scuba diving lessons, spa and massage packs for both of you and some other activities he enjoys doing. It would surely make him feel special and he would get to know how well you understand him and care for him.


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Personalized Mug

A coffee mug or a beer mug painted in his favorite color and with some romantic messages or even a photo of you together can be a good gift idea for him on this special occasion. You can also make it little more romantic and special by choosing a photo of you while hugging or kissing each other. This would be very romantic and very special gift for him that he would cherish forever. And it would be great to start off your wedding night with a mug of coffee or even beer what ever you prefer in this personalized mug capturing the moments of love between you and him.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

If your husband is fond of photography or even if he isn’t, a digital camera or camcorder would make a really practical gift that he can use in daily life or on the special occasions. And why not start with taking a snap of you both together on this special night to keep the memories alive for the lifetime. While buying this one, you should have a little knowledge about cameras and get to know good brands or the ones he likes. If you don’t have much knowledge about them, you should opt for the trusted brands like Nikon, Sony Cybershot, Olympus etc.

Silky Knickers

This one seems little kinky but grooms also need to look sexy on the wedding night and you may help him out by gifting him some silky knickers or some sexy boxers on the first night. Probably your husband would not have bought the one for him and it would be great if you gift him one and also it would really step up the intimacy between you and him and help things make comfortable and little naughty for you both.


A personalized Cd of his favorite tracks

If he is into music, then you must keep a record of his favorite tracks which he listens to everyday and gift him a personalized custom mix CD. If He loves music than this can be one of the best wedding night gift for your husband,


A Tuxedo

Suits up!  Men look suave in tux and not a single lady can deny that! Make your man feel sexier and hotter by gifting him a nice tux. Make sure that you have taken the right measurements, before buying a tuxedo for him.

Red Wine

An Exotic Bottle of Red Wine for him

Drinking red wine makes you healthier and it also makes the skin glow. So why not gift an exotic bottle of wine to him. You can pour wine for him, turn on some good music and submerge in the ocean of love.


A Necktie

Make your man feel special by gifting him a necktie and telling him, that “He is the gentleman of your life”. You can close his eyes, tie the necktie around his neck and peck on his cheek, saying those three magical words. Don’t forget to tell him, how good he looks with that necktie.


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A Swiss Watch

Ladies, why not spent some dollars on your beloved for making him happy. It won’t cost you much, as you’ll have the control on his bank account for the rest of your life. Make your man feel special by gifting him a classy Swiss watch. It is the best way of saying, that “Time can never part us”.

wallet For men

A wallet, so he won’t lose money

Men lose their money often; they forget where they have kept it and then lament it, for the rest of the week. Make him realise the value of money, by gifting him a nice wallet.

Car Accessories

Car Accessories

You can enhance his driving experience, by gifting him car accessory. You can probably gift him new seat covers or heated steering wheel cover, which will transform his old car into new.


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A Tool Kit

If he is a bike lover, then you can gift him a handy tool kit. He can probably use that for fixing little things, which go wrong with the bike, every now and then. It will be a useful gift for him, as it will save his time and money.

Beer Mugs

Beer Mugs

Men don’t wait for the weekends to part hard. For them every single day is ideal for partying, so gift him a pair of beer mugs to savour his favourite beer from. When you’ll gift him beer mugs, he will probably smile with your great sense of understanding, his needs.


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A Tie Pin

If he is always fidgeting with his necktie, then gifting a tie pin will be an ideal gift for him. Buy a nice tie pin which goes well, with all the colours and present it to your loving hubby.


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Men’s Grooming Kit

Gone are those days, when men didn’t care about their hygiene and looks. Men have become meterosexual, they do care about the way they look and present themselves, which is a nice thing because women don’t like shabby men. So embrace his manhood by gifting him a men’s grooming kit.


A PlayStation

After those dull, tiresome days at office, his only resort can be drinking to his heart full, which can have ill effects on his health. To avoid that, you can gift him a PlayStation, it will be a stress buster for him and you both can have a nice face off in the lazy Sunday afternoons.

Leather-Jacket For Men

Pick a sexy Jacket for him

Pick a sexy jacket for him and keep it inside his closet. When he will open his unassembled wardrobe to pick up clothes for wearing, he will be amazed to find a new sexy jacket. You can probably make his day!


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Gym equipment’s

Men are very particular about their fitness these days. You can make him happy, by adding new gym equipment to his personal gym. If he does not care about his health, then gifting a treadmill can be a good start for a healthy lifestyle.

pocket watchFor Men

Revive the retro style with a classic pocket watch

If has an inclination for the classic retro style, then you can give him immense happiness, by gifting a pocket watch. To add the cherry on top, you can gift a coat as well and see him walk in style.

laptop bag for Men

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A laptop bag

A stylish laptop bag can be a perfect gift for your techno savvy husband. He can take it to his workplace. It will also help in keeping his laptop safe and in good condition.

Sunglasses For Men

Trendy Sunglasses

The eyes are the window of the soul. To take good care of his eyes, you can gift him trendy sunglasses, which he can flaunt with style.



If he spends most of his time watching his favorite drama series, while sitting on the new sofa and spoiling it with his favourite treats. Then you can stop him from doing that, in a cute way by gifting a couch, to hang on.


Romantic Novels

If he is a literary lover, then gifting novels to him can be a good thing. You can select some romantic novels, which you can gift him. Tell him to read that aloud during night, while you lay next to him.



Music touches the depth of the heart and strikes a chord within. Enhance his experience of listening to his favourite tracks, by presenting him new speakers. But before investing your money on speakers, just take some advice of your male friend about which one to buy.


A Tablet

If he is a techno crazy, then you can buy a tablet for him. Set your wedding photograph as the wallpaper and record some romantic messages in it, before gifting it. This will make him feel special.


A guitar

Most of the boys, when they were in their teens, desired of having a guitar and doing rock and roll. If he is into music and likes humming, then you can gift him a guitar, to unleash the rock star inside.



Dressing cannot be completed without good shoes. Surprise him with designer men’s shoes and let him walk to fame.

Silver-brooch For Men

A silver brooch studded with Rhinestones

He is your prince charming, then why don’t you make him feel so? Buy a fancy silver broach, studded with rhinestones which he can carry along with suits and ethnic wear.

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