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Romantic Gift Ideas For Her On Wedding Night

A wedding night is probably the most important and special moment in everyone's life and you would definitely want to make it very special and memorable for your wife and both of you in particular. Wedding night is a beginning of the new life, new aspirations, new hopes, love, desires and anticipations for a sweet future ahead. It is going to be one of the best occasion in your life, so surprise your wife with some delightful and romantic gift that she would love to have. And if you and your partner are still not into each other and still not very open with each other, a romantic gift is a great idea to open up the conversations and make the things comfortable for her.You should keep in mind her choices, preferences and temperament while choosing the gift for her. There might be multitude of choices available for the gifts you can choose, but still it is one of the most difficult thing to select the gift that she would really like. If you don’t have any such idea, as what you should gift to your beloved, in order to sweep her off her feet, than you must check out these 30 ideal gifts for her on wedding night.

Women are fond of gifts especially by their loving husbands, as they are excited to know whether they known their taste. So make a special place in her heart, touch her soul by adorning her with a lovely yet creative gift for the wedding night.

Romantic and Sensual Wedding Night Gift Ideas for Her

wedding night room

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Most Important – Decorate Your Rooms Beautifully

Gifts everybody takes for her newly wed wife but very few of them decorate their rooms with flowers full of fragrance, lots of candles and all to make a romantic night. See Gifts are must things to buy for your wife for first night but do make sure to decorate your room such that as she enters your room she should say or feel "WOW".

Champagne As Gift

A Bottle of Champagne

Make your first night special by celebrating it with great joy. You can decorate the room, do the lightings and open up a good champagne bottle with your partner. You can add up to the experience by dancing on the tunes of some romantic tracks.


Write Your Heart’s Language

Women’s on their first night may be very mushy or would feel shy or strange. What more better gift can be than writing you thoughts about her and what all commitments you will make to keep her happy through this journey of life. Be genuine and write about how you feel for her and how happy are you for having her. These words will no only show you love and care but will also increase the bond and love between you two.

Chocolate Massage Kit

Chocolate Massage Kit can tempt your beloved

Chocolates are everybody’s favorite; you can gift an exotic chocolate massage kit. You both can use it and experience the heavenly pleasure. The silky scent of the chocolate will entice your senses as well.

couples photo frame

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Personalized Laser etched Crystal Photo Frame

When you love someone dearly, you like to keep every single moment spent together, safe in your heart. In order to cherish those memories for a lifetime, you can gift her, personalized laser etched photo frame. She can put her lovely wedding pictures in that photo frame and see them every single day, while at work or at home. It will make her crave for you, as soon as you’ll return home from work.


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Sexy Lingerie

You would definitely love to see your life in some beautiful and sexy lingerie, nighties etc. or even your wife would love to see your eyes popped out seeing her in her best. So, buying her some very sexy lingerie items for the wedding night would really make a fantastic gift, particularly on this occasion. It would also help things go more comfortable, romantic and intimate for both of you. It would be fantastic that you take the initiative to break the cold and get things happen more smoothly and nicely.

Kamasutra Weekender

Kamasutra Weekender Gift Package

This one is probably on the kinky side but it would surely express your desires and intimate feelings for her. After all the wedding night is all about you and her and the intimacy has to be there to make it more special and memorable. Kamasutra Weekender or any other package of sexy and intimate gift is a perfect gift for a the wedding night and for those new to love’s untapped potential. It includes delicate portions of The Original Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Love Liquid Lubricant, Sweet Almond Massage Oil and Honey Dust with a feather applicator. Whether your wife likes this one or not also depends on her temperament but most of the women would love this initiative by their husband to make the night romantic and intimate.

Sensual Gift Basket

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Sensual Gift Basket

You can prepare a gift basket full of sensual and romantic gift items such as sensual scents, including bubble bath, skin and hair conditioners, shampoo, soaps, home fragrances, and lotions. Also add some potpourri, dried rose petals and natural earth scents, such as sandalwood, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and jasmine. You can also add some scented candles to the basket and a book of poetry or erotica to complete the romantic atmosphere. Adding the intimate and sensual gift items such as adult toys, massager etc, is one of the temptations husbands have, but you should know your wife’s temperament and choices and be sure whether she will like those items or not.


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Engraved Crystal Glass & White Wine Gift Set

Women are very particular about the designing and detailing of things. So you can gift her engraved crystal glass and white wine set. You both can raise a toast on your first night and make those moments special.


Rose Scented Candles To Freshen up her Mood

Roses are the best way to say “I Love You” and what’s more alluring is its tempting fragrance. If you want these two elements to combine altogether and fill some romance in your first night like the first shower of the monsoon, then you can gift her rose scented candles in a glass holder.

Jewelry Gift for Her

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A Set of Jewelry Box

All women love jewelry and you can not find a better gift than her favorite jewelry for her. Options in this category are endless and what you chose depends on your budget, creativity and your understanding of her. But keep in mind whatever you choose, she is comfortable wearing that and it will also suit her personality and interests. Here are few most romantic and popular jewelry gifts that you can present to her on first wedding night.


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Oxford Picnic Lunch Cruise will brighten up the day

You can charm your lovely wife by gifting her your precious time. You can take her on an Oxford Picnic Lunch Cruise, the next day. On the cruise, you can spend some memorable moments together, have sumptuous brunch together, listen to live music and speak your heart out. You can spend a leisurely picnic and have fun at the riverside.


A personalized pearl name bracelet

Women are fond of bracelets and fashion jewellery as they are easy to handle, they don’t need much maintenance and are cheap as well. You can make your beautiful wife happy, by gifting her a personalized, fresh water pearl bracelet. Make sure that her initials or her name are engraved on the bracelet.

Romantic Heart Challenges Gift Box

Romantic Heart Challenges Gift Box

Make that crescent night merrier and sexier by gifting this romantic game to your wife. Some of the challenges that are in this box are romantic, while the others are a bit kinky and some are sensuous. There are 100 scrolls inside the box which consists of romantic challenges; you need to pluck them out with the help of the tweezers. These scrolls have romantic dares such as ‘Make a trail of rosebuds or candles to a place, where you have a surprise waiting for your partner’, ‘Take a bath or shower with your partner’, ‘Dry each other off and rub each other all over with body lotion’ and many such romantic challenges.


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Gold Love Necklace

You can probably change the famous Shakespeare’s quote into, “All those glitters are really gold darling” by gifting her a gold necklace saying, ‘I Love You’. You can charm her by your style, by placing the necklace in a nice European styled casket.

Romantic Stroll

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Present her a Honeymoon Vacation at her Favorite Destination

A romantic honeymoon vacation package to some exotic and her favorite destination is the probably the most romantic gift that you can give her on the wedding night. Surprise her by telling her that you are going on the honeymoon trip on her favorite destination. She might be expecting this one but see the sparkle and joy in her eyes when you actually tell her about the trip.

Diamond Earring for Her

Diamond earrings

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so you can gift your beloved a nice pair of sparkling diamond earrings. You can surprise her by closing her eyes, pecking on her neck and ears as you adorn her with the earrings.


A Gift Basket full of her Favorite things

Make a bouquet out of her favourite things, gift wrap it, put a love letter inside and gift it your beloved. You can include her favorite chocolates, cookies, perfumes, lotions, scented bath salts and anything that she likes.


Sensuous Sessions at the Spa

There is a lot of activity during the post wedding period, which makes you a bit tired. It becomes tiresome for girls especially, as they have to go for shopping, attend parlour sessions and do the preparations for the wedding. You can gift her sensuous sessions at the spa, where you accompany her. Have a great experience at the spa, where they will arrange special spa sessions and rejuvenate your senses.


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Fly on a chopper with your Princess

You can surprise your beloved on the wedding night, by giving her a clue of the gift. Place a toy chopper next to her bed and tell her that it is her gift. She will doubt it, but it’s better to keep mum in order to make her feel special. The next day, take her to the destination from where the chopper will be ready to take the lovely prince and princess for a city tour. She will be awe struck by your gift, but don’t forget to express your love to her, when you are flying high.


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A Women Grooming Kit

Women are very peculiar about their hygiene and health. So you can embrace her womanhood by gifting her women grooming kit. She can probably take this handy gift in honeymoon as well.

Pearls Tiara

A Tiara Studded with Pearls and Rhinestones

Tell her that she is the queen of your heart and will always be by gifting her beautiful tiara, studded with pearls and rhinestones. Kiss her forehead saying those three magical words and place the tiara on your queen’s head.

Designer Handbag For Her

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A Designer Handbag

Women are very particular about their style and the way they present themselves. They also have an inclination towards designer clothes and bags. As it is your wedding night, so it is probably the best time to impress her, by gifting a stylish designer bag.


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A Couture Dress

Gift a sexy couture dress and make her feel that her happiness means everything to you. She also can wear that dress in your honeymoon and feel like a celebrity.

Wedding Music Box

Wedding Music Box Kissing Couple

This cute little gift will leave your beloved in awe and admiration for you. The charming couple, kissing inside the musical globe will always remind her of her first kiss with you. You can turn off the lights and get lost in the melodious tune of this music box.


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A hand-made Scrapbook

You can make a scrapbook of those lovely post wedding meetings, right from the first glance of her to those long romantic over night chats, you can include everything. Inscribe those unforgettable memories in a scrap book, paste her beautiful pictures and gift it to her.

Portrait of Her

A Portrait of Her

If your better half has an inclination towards arts, then you can win her love by presenting her a sublime portrait of her. Make sure the portrait brings out her innocence and her personality well, only then she will be impressed.

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ArmyGal Says

The absolute perfect gift – my hubby was so thoughtful, gave me a beautiful, personalized glass card, customized with a story of how we met at a baseball game years ago. It was lovely. EliteGlassCards

houseandliving Says

When it comes to gifting for wife on first night after wedding, there are many options available. From jewellery to photo frames, purses, personalized gifts, clothing, accessories sets and many more. Thanks for sharing such good content.

Madhuri Jain Says

I am sure thatt Love and Respect your partner, is the best gift for both..

Dr Mathur Says

Don’t bother about giving any expensive gift on the wedding night. It is not essential. just enjoy each other’s company.

Martin K Says

In todays world, i thought iphone is the best gift that your partner love the most. try it in your first night and share your views.
my wife love that gift when i gave to her in my first night. :P

Erica Broker Says

I received the most perfect gift from my husband. He gave me a sketch of dress and his suit. Took my breath away. He used a Dreamlines artist. Truly amazing!

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