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Gift Ideas For Her (Girlfriend/ Wife)

What to Gift Her ? Whats The Best Gift For Her? These Questions arises in everyone of us whenever there is a special ocassions like birthday, anniversary or valentine day.The gift need not be something very large and expensive but sweet, romantic and such that it expresses your feelings and love towards her. To be able to present a gift that she would really fall in love with, you should be familiar with her choices, taste and interests and be creative enough to present your gift with so much of love that make her eyes sparkle with your love and care for her. Romantic Bug has sorted out some of the best unique gift ideas for her -

14 Best Gift Ideas For Her

Cute Pet

What could more unique and cute gift than giving a pet to you girlfriend or wife. Everyone loves small cute pets. Pets can be a dog or a cat or a small goldfish too. This is certainly one of the most unique gift you can give to her. And she will love it. But remember that you know you lady well, because not everyone like pets.



All women love jewelry and you can not find a better gift than her favorite jewelry for her. Options in this category are endless and what you chose depends on your budget, creativity and your understanding of her. But keep in mind whatever you choose, she is comfortable wearing that and it will also suit her personality and interests. Here are few most romantic and popular jewelry gifts that you can present to her on first wedding night.

Jewelry Gift for Her

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A pearl necklace is the most romantic and traditional wedding night gift that you can give her on the wedding night. Tell her that you have a very special surprise for her and ask her to close her eyes and then put the necklace on her beautiful neck and see the sparkle in her eyes. It will definitely be the most romantic and memorable gift for her that will always remind her of your love and feelings for her. It is not necessary that she likes the pearls, so options are plenty in necklaces, you can give her a beautiful diamond necklace or another with gold or silver with a heart-shaped pendant in it. If you have little more knowledge about jewelry, you can really make this one more elegant and more beautiful one with your creativity and understanding of her choices and preferences.

Necklace For Her

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You must have already given her the wedding ring on the marriage or engagement but this one can be more special and romantic one as this is the most special occasion that you are celebrating – the wedding night. For this one, you should know in advance her finger ring size and her choices as also in this category, options are endless but a diamond ring is the most romantic wedding night gift that you can give. A diamond is a girl’s best friend and any diamond ring in contemporary and elegant design would make a beautiful and romantic wedding night gift that she is bound to fall in love with.

Jewellery Gifts

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Earrings are also a popular jewelry gift that she will definitely love and it would really be a difficult thing to choose one for her that she best likes. But go for the modern and elegant designs in gold or diamond and on the first night give her a surprise that she could not stop herself from loving.There are also other jewelry items like bangles, nose pendants and plenty of others, so explore the jewelry shops to find the best and use your creativity and knowledge of her to find the best and most romantic jewelry that you can gift her on the first night of your wedding.

Earrings For Her

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A perfume is one of the most dependable gift for a girl and it is also one of the most romantic gift idea for her on the first night of your wedding. Again, this one requires a good knowledge of her choices and preferences. Choose a fragrance which is sweet and sensual without being too heavy. A floral-fruity blend with top notes of rose, jasmine or orange blossom and underscored by base notes of musk , sandalwood or vanilla would be perfect for a night of wedded bliss. Ask her to spread that fragrance of love on her on the wedding night and let the environment be painted in the color of your love.

Perfumes For Her

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Lovely Dress

You can also gift her a lovely dress on the first wedding night and she would definitely love this one for sure. Choose a dress that she would be comfortable in and look the best. You should go for the traditional girly colors like pink, red or even black! This one purely depends upon girl to girl and you should have enough knowledge of her choices and taste to be able to find the best dress for her. You can even ask her to put on that dress that you have bought specially for the wedding night.

Dress Gift For Her

Sexy Lingerie

This one is something that will be used by you but it is a good idea that never goes stale because all men would love to see their lovely wives in some sexy camisole, nightie or something like these, on the first night of wedding. She would also like to treat you some eye candy and it would be fantastic that you take the initiative to break the cold and get things happen more smoothly and nicely. While buying this one, keep in mind her preference and taste and also remember buy something that she would be comfortable wearing.


Photo Memory Book

A collection of photos of you together in a photo album or a book with the photos of memorable moments of you together along with the romantic messages written on it, is one of the most romantic and special gift that you can give to her on the first night of your wedding. You can make it more special with your creativity and understanding of her interests and taste. You can arrange the photographs in the order from the first day you met to till date telling your story of love in the most romantic and special manner as you can do. This one will definitely make her feel special and go deep in the memories of the lovely time you have spent together.

Photo Memory Book

Exotic Vacation/Honeymoon Trip

An exotic vacation or the honeymoon trip is probably the most romantic gift that you can present to her. Every women would surely die to go on an exotic vacation with his husband and what can be a better gift idea than a honeymoon trip to some of the beautiful and most exotic honeymoon destinations. This one can get expensive and you should choose this one as per your budget and also you should have the knowledge of any favorite destination that she likes or ever wanted to go.

nice outing couples

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Customized Chocolate Box

Chocolates are one of the most popular and traditional gifts for any women in the world. You can make this one special with your creativity and knowledge of her choices and taste. Now you can create your own customized box of gourmet chocolates by adding a favorite photo of you and your wife to the box! You would not only end up with a delicious gift, but a romantic keepsake as well.


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24K Gold Roses

All women love roses and apart from giving her a bouquet of roses, you can turn this one into something which is more romantic and seems special. 24 K Gold Roses are literally a gift that your wife will treasure forever as these are preserved and covered in 24k gold and will last for lifetime. Regular roses fade in days but these gold roses will last and this is truly a one of a kind, unique gift that will show her how much she means to you.

24K Gold Roses

A Book of Poetry

A book of romantic poetry or some poem-scroll can also be a good romantic gift for your wife on the first night. Specially just in case your wife needs a little stirring up before you get intimate, then it might be a good idea indulging each other with either a book of poetry or a book of erotica. Now which one you choose depends upon her interests and taste. Nice girls tend to like poetry, while wild girls like the latter, so use your better judgment here. The main idea is to encourage the open communication where you can share openly the feelings of love, vulnerability, eroticism and romance.

A Book of Poetry

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Basket of Romance

A gift basket of romance can be a very romantic gift idea that you can surprise your wife with on the first night. The basket can contain the traditional gift items and things she like such that the flowers, chocolates, a bottle of wine and two glasses, some more goodies and if you like you can make it a little naughty also. You can also include aromatic candles, massage lotions, a bedside book on love making techniques, bath salts, bubble bath and a mini massager but keep in mind the preferences of your wife and be sure that she likes these stuff or not.

A Basket of Gifts

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There can be more than thousands romantic gift ideas that you can try on your first wedding night and they may vary depending upon the choices and preferences of your wife and your budget but whatever you choose, just do it with full conviction and use your knowledge of her to make her feel special and make her feel your love for her.

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