Best Honeymoon Destinations Guide

Weekend Getaways

After a monotonous work schedule, hustle bustle of the city and tired days, all you dream of is a relaxed vacation. But then you know, long vacations are farfetched dreams for most of us. So why not get the best of what we have. The only time we can be what we want to be and do what we want to do is on weekends. Wake up late in the morning, cook yourself a sumptuous brunch, go out shopping, meet friends and party hard. Or wait! There is a better way spend your weekend.

Go check the internet for some beautiful places around your city. Maybe this turns out to be a better weekend plan. Plan a short trip to a nearby place and take yourself away from the chaos of the city. A relaxed vacation on the mountains or on a beach, a tiny hamlet or a small town, or a new city that you had always wanted to explore is the best thing you can do on your weekends. Weekend getaways give you a chance to escape the boring everyday life for a while and relax. They give you an opportunity to explore new things and new places. They are excellent ways of spending some fun and quality time with your friends and family members. Before you begin with another week with piles of files and your dumb gadgets, it’s better to get some beautiful memories to keep you happy for the rest of the days. So pack your bags, jump in a car and spend your weekend in the most amazing way.

Places to Visit Near Bangalore
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Weekend Getaways from Delhi
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Weekend Getaways From Bangalore
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Weekend Getaways From Goa
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Weekend Getaways from Nicaragua
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Weekend Getaways From Puerto Rico
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Weekend Getaways from Honduras
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Weekend Getaways From Jamaica
Juggling between the hectic schedules of your life and doing the same monotonous chores again and again it's high time to take a break and move away from here more »
Weekend Getaways from Mexico
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Weekend Getaways From Guatemala
Guatemala is a beautiful city and is home to almost all kinds of things that you would like to see. It has historical ruins, mountains, volcanoes, rivers, lakes, islands, more »
Weekend Getaways From Panama
Imagine lounging all day by the pool, lingering for hours at the museum or heading out the door for a spontaneous adventure or relaxing in the Mother Nature's lap. more »
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Weekend Getaways From El Salvador
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Weekend Getaways from Vancouver
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Weekend Getaways from Costa Rica
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Weekend Getaways from Quebec City
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Weekend Getaways from Toronto
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Weekend Getaways from Montreal
Montreal in itself is an amazing place visited by millions of people every year, but that’s not it as beautiful the town of Montreal is the same can be more »

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