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Weekend Getaways from Montreal, Canada

Montreal in itself is an amazing place visited by millions of people every year, but that’s not it as beautiful the town of Montreal is the same can be said about its neighbors. There are great and amazing towns and cities near Montreal which can be visited over a weekend. Be it a party, a skiing resort or a laidback spa treatment, you can get everything at these amazing locations within 300 miles of Montreal. What is better than a road trip with good old friends to a place unknown? Below is the list of the destinations which can be reached easily and make for a great weekend destination near Montreal.

Top Weekend Getaways from Montreal


The Canadian Capital is one of the closest weekend spot from Montreal. You can get there within two hours through an easy and fun road trip. Spend a day or two at this historic city, exploring the world class museums, exceptional dining options or just go for the mesmerizing Canadian Tulip festival. Skaters can have fun in Ottawa during winters at the UNESCO world heritage site of Ridue canal which freezes during the winters making it the largest ice skating rink in the world.

Ice skating rink, Ottawa

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Located on the western side of Montreal the Laurentides a nice and pleasant location to spend some time alone in the company of nature and its beings. Laurentides offers a true Canadian style vacation in the cabin in the woods surrounded by lush green jungles in summers and a sheet of snow in winters. I is a truly wonderful weekend destination from Montreal. It can be reached within one hour and can be considered a part of Montreal itself, but generally people come here on weekends and extended holidays to enjoy the most of it.

laurentides quebec

Photo Credit – Pierre-Olivier Fortin

Quebec City

The cousin of Montreal is the closest destination from Montreal and often both the town’s name are used simultaneously. The road trip to Quebec is a short one but the destination in itself is a place to see. Stay a day or two at this most popular destination of Canada. Visit the old Quebec and get to know how this amazing place is listed as one of world’s heritage sites. The forts of Quebec, the Lawrence River, and the Montmorency Park, there are more such locations in Quebec which you can visit and remember your time here.

Quebec City

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known for the Fairmont Le Château Montebello has many other attractions that make it far better destinations in the vanity of Montreal. You can get closer to the nature by having a visit to the Parc omega zoo or get some of the best culinary experiences in Canada. The best attraction of Montreal, the Fairmont Le Château resort has the best facilities for an exciting weekend. With over 40 adventure activities ranging from horseback riding to off road driving experience there is so much to do at this 4 star resort set in the middle of Natural County.

Montebello, Quebec

Photo Credit – Martin Cathrae

Saratoga Springs

Located at a distance of 300 kms from Montreal the Saratoga Springs in New York is an amazing destination to spend your weekend at. The most popular place for race courses the Saratoga is filled with amazing places to explore. You can head out in the wilderness and get natural therapy at the Saratoga Spa state park or go for an artistry treat at the National museum of Dance, for lovers of automobile there is the Saratoga automobile museum and many such attractive places. One of the hidden wonders of Saratoga is the Disney’s Saratoga resort and spa which is an amazing place to go for a group of family or friends.

Saratoga Springs

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Tremblant is an ideal destination for golf lovers as in the summers the area works as a great golf course and come the winters it is converted into one of the world’s best skiing resorts. Aprt from these two there is so much more to do at Tremblant, its cozy streets has some of the best scenic spots and cozy restaurants. You could chill at one of the relaxing spas or just go for shopping or the best “go dog sledding in the snow” with the amazing mountain huskies.


Photo Credit – Pierre Vanacker


Located at a distance of 3 hours from Montreal, Stoneham is the place you should go if you are looking for a relaxing spa treatment to rejuvenate your mind and body. The award winning Le Nordique spa is a great place to let you rejuvenate and feel alive. With their Finnish baths, Turkish saunas, Nordic baths, outdoor hot tubs and massage therapy you will be leaving as a new person after one session of spa treatment. Try to come here in groups to get discount packages.


Photo Credit – Bruno LEVEQUE


If you are fond of your wine, then you will absolutely love this place. The Brome – Misiquoi region is the home of Quebec’s wine route. With more than 15 wineries you can sample all kinds of whites, reds and rosés. It is also a great place to stay outside and go for a picnic or go biking in the vineyards.


Photo Credit – Axel Drainville

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