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Weekend Getaways From Mumbai, India

The city of Mumbai, as regarded by many, is only about money and rush. However, no money can bring you inner peace and account for some quality time, spent with your loved one in absolute serenity. There is hardly a public spot in the city, free of noise and hassle. This day to day disturbance and rush virtually debars you from spending some romantic moments with your partner. But thanks to God, If not Mumbai, then its surrounding cities are full of dream weekend destinations you ever wished for. Away from the hassle of Mumbai life, you would fall in love with the natural beauty and serenity of these destinations. Here we have a list of some of such beautiful and romantic weekend getaway destinations near Mumbai.

List of Romantic Getaways From Mumbai


A paradise of sea, sand and magnificent mountain ranges, Goa welcomes you with warm hospitality. Sharing its boundaries with Maharashtra, Goa is a destination perfectly suited for your weekend vacations, if you are looking for a romantic getaway near Mumbai. Rich of natural flora and fauna, Goa is a place full of mesmerizing beaches and World heritage architectures. Also a number of adventure activities like rafting, trekking or rope climbing are available here for adventure loving couples. Even a simple walk through the forest here, brings you close to the long forgotten treasures of wild.

Parasailing at Varca Beach in Goa

Varca Beach in Goa by Giancarlo Pigozzi


Famous for its majestic mountain ranges, heritage caves and splendid waterfalls, Lonavala is another beautiful and romantic destination for you, in proximity with Mumbai. Naturally decorated with beautiful landscapes and scenery, Lonavala is just the perfect setting for you, for a romantic vacation trip with your loved one. From Lonavala Lake to Khandala, from Sunset point to Rye Wood Park, Lonavala also offers you with a number of sightseeing options to explore and enjoy in the loved company of your partner.


This five (Panch) hill hill station with amazing beauty and picturesque locations is also referred as the “Switzerland of India”. Panchgani derives its name from the five hills surrounding it. Exhibiting magnetic charm and mesmerizing beauty, Panchgani is one of the most preferred romantic destinations near Mumbai. Enriched with the natural flora and fauna, this place is even more beautiful and attractive amongst the nature loving couples. The soothing ambience and amazing landscapes of Panchgani are just the perfect settings for a pleasant weekend vacation, near Mumbai.


It is due its high altitude that the hill-station of Mahabaleshwar always offers pleasantly cool weather. Moreover, Mahabaleshwar is also home to one of World’s evergreen forests. Located at about 285 Kms from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a beautifully romantic place blessed with soaring peaks and breathtaking valleys. The beautiful Venna Lake is also just a short drive away from here, where couples can enjoy boating, pony riding and fishing too. Mahabaleshwar also offers you a numerous sightseeing locations, each with a unique perspective into this majestic hill range. Overall, If you are looking for a serene and romantic getaway from the hassle and rush of the Mumbai, then Mahabaleshwar is certainly a prime choice.

Needle Hole Point in Mahabaleshwar

Needle Hole Point in Mahabaleshwar by Pranav Prakash


Just 180Kms from Mumbai, Bhandardara is place of pristine hills and water bodies. Waterfalls, greenery, tranquility, natural beauty, mountains, rejuvenating fresh air and pristine ambiance this supremely romantic destination has it all at its disposal. It is due to these very qualities that Bhandardara is regarded as one of the most romantic getaways around Mumbai. The serenity and charm of this place attracts a number of couples from cities like Mumbai, Pune and other surrounding areas, for a romantic weekend vacation. If you and partner are nature lovers too, this spot is a must the top of your holiday destinations list.


A glorious hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Khandala is a prime weekend getaway near Mumbai. Mostly preferred by couples and Honeymooners for their romantic visit, Khanadala is a tranquil and mesmerizing spot. Blessed with natural flora and fauna, this place offers you with a serene escape from the hassle of Mumbai life. The beauty all around the hills and waterfalls of Khandala is truly a treat to your eyes. Visit Khandala with your partner and let the romance take over.


This small little village, around 375 Kms away from the rush of Mumbai is a hidden paradise along the Konkan Coast. Famous for its beautiful beaches along the coast, it has become one of the most romantic getaways for beach and peace-loving couples. Apart from its calming beaches, Ganpatipule is also rich in flora and fauna with a lot of mangroves and coconut palms. Also ganpatipule is home to Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, which is a tranquil pilgrim of Hindus and a treat to visit. This unparallel charm of such a small place like Ganapatipule invites you to spend a weekend vacation here with your loved one and feel the romance and peace, away from the hassle of Mumbai life.


The self-proclaimed first smart city of India, Lavasa is a planned, private city in development. Though the legal legitimacy of its construction projects has been questioned many a times, the natural beauty of Lavasa and its surroundings is unquestionable. The beautiful city of Lavasa is located amidst the majestic Lavasa hills and lovely Warasgaon Lake. Just 3-hours of drive away from the Mumbai, Lavasa has become a prime tourist attraction for couples looking for some serenity and romantic surroundings near Mumbai and Pune.

Waterfront Shaw Lavasa


Ajanta and Ellora caves

The caves of rock-cut Buddhist monuments, ancient paintings and other sculptures is certainly the best getaways for art loving couples, looking to spend some time with each other in surroundings of beautiful artwork and natural tranquility. Being in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, Ajanta and Ellora caves is easily reachable to couples from Mumbai and Pune areas. An exhibition of absolutely mid-blowing architectures amidst the richness of natural flora and fauna, away from the hectic Mumbai life, offers a romantic setting for love couples.


The smallest and India’s only automobile free hill-station, just 90Kms away from Mumbai is certainly a treat to your eyes and your soul. Offering panoramic views of its surrounding city, Mathera is a peaceful and naturally gifted romantic destination for couples. From toy-train to horse riding to mesmerizing dense jungles, the Matherana has it all for nature, adventure and peace-loving couples. The romantic aura of this place just bowls you two over and lets you feel the mutual love in the serene ambiance of this beautiful destination.

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