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Weekend Getaways from Pune, India

Though Pune itself is a beautifully planned and developed city but due to development of industries and a huge population migrating into the Pune for their employments, the city is no more a peaceful and serene one. However there are a number of absolutely beautiful and romantic destinations nearby Pune. Couples tend to visit these destinations as their romantic getaways. The serenity and romantic aura of these places is just amazing to feel, away from the hassles of the Pune life. Being in proximity with Pune, these places are most preferred by couples from Pune and its nearby areas.

List of Romantic Getaways From Pune


The hill-station of Mahabaleshwar is famous for its ever pleasant and cool weather and the credit goes to its high altitude. Located at about 120 Kms from Pune, Mahabaleshwar is also home to one of World’s few evergreen forests. Naturally gifted with soaring peaks and breathtaking valleys, Mahabaleshwar is a beautifully romantic place. From several picturesque sightseeing locations to absolute tranquility in the lap of nature, Mahabaleshwar offers you a complete romantic aura and a serene ambience away from the rush of Pune. For adventure loving couples, the famous Venna Lake is also quite near to Mahabaleshwar, where you can enjoy boating, pony riding and fishing too. Sol, if you are planning to visit a beautiful and romantic getaway with your partner, away from the busy Pune life, then Mahabaleshwar is certainly a prime choice.

Mahabaleshwar Hills

Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar Trip by Stephanie Booth


Also regarded as the “Switzerland of India”, Panchgani literally means, “A place surrounded by 5-hills”. Just like its name, Panchgani is full of amazing natural beauty and picturesque location amidst the 5-majestic hills. It is the mesmerizing beauty and unparallel charm of this place that Panchagani is one of the most preferred romantic destinations for couples, near Pune. Moreover, being blessed with rich flora and fauna, Panchgani is like a romantic paradise for nature loving couples. With its soothing ambience and unmatchable landscapes, Panchgani lays down just the perfect settings for a romantic weekend getaway, near Pune.


A vacation destination like no other, Goa is a paradise for couples and honeymooners. The ever warm (not literally) and ever hospitable Goa welcomes you in a paradise of sea, sand and magnificent mountain ranges. As Goa shares its borders with Maharashtra, it is one of the most desired and frequented romantic getaway among couples from Pune, Mumbai and nearby cities, for their weekend vacations. A heaven of mesmerizing beaches, rich flora and fauna, there is nothing like Goa anywhere else in the country. Moreover, from rafting to trekking to rope climbing, Goa has a lot more to offer to adventure loving couples.

Betalbatim beach

Betalbatim Beach Goa by Amit Rawat


It’s not your fault if you think of Mumbai as just a city full of traffic and rush, with no spot to spend some moments of serenity and romance with your loved one. It is just because you haven’t explored the city properly. Yes the heavy rush is one side of Mumbai, but the other side is full of beautiful, romantic destinations within the city. Whether it is a romantic evening with your loved one at one of the famous Mumbai beaches or visiting the Gateway of India, these places have a charm of their own and are sure to leave you with the memories of lifetime. Also the famous Nariman Point of Mumbai is a spot which itself is a corner of our country’s land and obviously an end to the rush of Mumbai city and this list goes on and on

Gateway of India in Mumbai

Gateway of India in Mumbai by Andy Hay


Just 57 Kms away from the rush of Pune, you will find this beautiful private, planned city Lavasa amidst the majestic Lavasa hills and lovely Warasgaon Lake. Lavasa is the first (self-proclaimed) smart city of India. Still undergoing construction and development processes, Lavasa may have been questioned many a times for its legal/illegal developments but the natural beauty of Lavasa and its surroundings is unquestionable and unparallel. Being in absolute proximity with the city of Pune, Lavasa is one of the prime attractions for couples looking for some serenity and romantic surroundings near Pune and Mumbai.

Waterfront Shaw Lavasa


Malhar Machi

The ever-calming mountain resort is just located just besides the Sahyadri Mountains. The rustic and peaceful environment around the place is just what you desired for, being away with your loved one. From spa to beautiful gardens to well furnished rooms and suits, the Malhar Machi is a complete destination for your honeymoon or even a romantic trip. Just 42 kms outside Pune, Malhar Machi is a perfect setting for your romantic weekend vacations.

Sentosa resort

Sentosa resort and Water Park is an ultimate blend of state-of-art luxury and supreme serenity. From highly personalized serviced to absolute privacy, Sentosa offers everything you want while your loved one is with you. The cozy ambiance and the romantically serene aura of the place bring you two close to each other, away from any sort of interruptions. Sentosa is locate right in the outskirts of Pune and hence becomes a destination perfect for couples from Pune and Mumbai, looking for a romantic getaway near Pune and neighboring cities.


Much appreciated for its natural diversity of beautiful hills, waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, Khandala, is a mesmerizing hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Khandala is an absolutely tranquil and romantic destination right in the lap of nature. Due to its wonderful beauty and proximity with Pune, Khandala is rightly preferred by couples and Honeymooners from Pune and Mumbai, for a romantic escape. Khandala takes you away from the hassle of city life and lets you enjoy the moments of love and privacy with your partner, amidst the beautiful surroundings of nature. The landscapes all around the hills and waterfalls of Khandala are truly a treat to your eyes and soul. Just visit Khandala with your partner and let the romance take over.


Blessed with a number of beautiful beaches and rich flora and fauna, Alibagh is located just 150Kms away from Pune. Far from the hassle of Pune, Alibagh offers you complete tranquility in absolutely romantic aura. True to its fame, Alibagh waits you with a royal and romantic retreat. The clean waters, golden sand and fresh air of this place is sure to reignite the spark of romance between you and your loved one. So, if you are looking for a weekend getaway near Pune, for your romantic trip, just visit Alibagh and let the love take over.


Famous for heavy rain falls, Ratnagiri is a destination of truly mesmerizing landscapes and natural bio-diversity. The land of ratna is vivid and yet so serene, makes up for a beautifully romantic destination for couples. Bordered by the Sahyadri Mountains to the east and blessed with some beautiful beaches, Ratnagiri is a classical combination mountains and beaches for the couples. Ratnagiri I located just 300Kms away from Pune and is preferred by the couples from Pune and nearby areas as a romantic getaway from the noisy city life. Just visit the beauty of this place and get mesmerized.

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