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Weekend Getaways From Goa, India

Goa is one of the prominent states of India which is majorly stated as a gorgeous honeymoon destination. The place is extremely romantic and located in the Western Coast of India and the state attracts huge flocks of tourists from all over the world as in majority couples come from all around the globe and they come to indulge more into beach activities and other romantic activities. The state of Goa has very close links with the Portuguese culture and there are a number of Portuguese churches can be seen in the city and some of the prominent cities like the capital city of Panaji, Vasco Da Gama and Margao that are majorly crowded by tourists and people mostly come to this city to enjoy the beaches of Goa like the Arambol Beach which are majorly known for their water and beach activities such as paragliding, parasailing and other swimming. Apart from beaches and sands Goa has many more things to offer such as wildlife sanctuaries and very picturesque locales. The couples an also spot for many weekend breaks.

List of Romantic Weekend Getaways From Goa


A beautiful city of Karnataka where the couples can opt for nice vacationing as they can go for best water activities such as river rafting and picnic tours. The couples can also go for their religious visits as the city has a number of pilgrimage centers such as temples and churches. The city also has a rich flora and fauna and that is why the couples can really opt for forest safaris which are very much interesting and the couples can really opt for the water cruises too. All together if the couples are finding a way out from lavish holidays of Goa they can opt for this place.


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This is a small but picturesque small city in Karnataka and the city is known for its scenic surroundings and can be easily reached from Goa within 2 hours. The city has some very fine beaches and has some very gorgeous beaches as it is settled on the shores of Arabian Sea. Among the very famous beaches and attractions the couples can visit the Baskal, Gudda and Nadikal. And the couples should definitely buy some very tasty mangoes which are a famous buy in the city.


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Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from Goa the couples can really see some very nice flora and fine animal life in Maharashtra where the backdrop of the sanctuary is densely covered by lushly forests and the couples will get to see some very huge bison where they can also reside in the jungle resort which are perfectly made for the couples so that they can visit the Radhanagiri Dam and spend some very quiet moments together.

Dajipur Nationak Park

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Another beautiful place in Maharashtra where the couples can see the very beautiful dams and natural backdrop and the main attraction of this place is the Sindhudurg Fort which is very popular among the tourists and there is also a beautiful beach there where the couples can enjoy in the sand and the sea.


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