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Weekend Getaways From El Salvador, El Salvador

The El Salvador in itself presents of plenty of exciting opportunities and cannot be explored completely in short time but in case you are visiting for a long period and have time in your hand you can visit these amazing places near El Salvador which act as great weekend destinations. Here are the top weekend destinations near El Salvador that you can visit for 2 to 3 days to unwind yourself.

Top Weekend Destinations From El Salvador

Puerto San Jose

The Port of San Jose is located at a distance of 320kms from El Salvador, located on the Pacific Ocean coast is the tourist city of Guatemala and is a great escape for a tropical holiday. The beaches here are untouched and pristine. It is also world’s sail fishing capital so it is heaven for the fishing lovers. Enjoy your stay here amidst the cattle farms and fields of cotton and sugarcane.

Guatemala City

The Guatemala City is the hub of activities in the Central America and is as the heart of the ancient Mayan civilization. Cities such as Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, and Quiriguá and many others carry the well preserved Mayan heritage. This beautiful state is full of natural beauteousness and friendly people. Guatemala is just 4 to 5hours drive from El Salvador and make up for a great weekend destination.

Santa Barbara, Honduras

Santa Barbara can be reached from El Salvador in a time of 6 hours through road and is one of the places in Central America which grows great coffee. Santa Barbara is a great place to go and relax leaving all your worries behind. This tiny state is also known for its fine quality handicrafts and the colonial town settlements.


The capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa has a fresh and pleasant climate, and is surrounded by pine-covered mountains. Being a popular tourist city it is one of the safer cities in Central America. The La Tigara national park, Bascilica of Supaya and the central park are some of the places to see at Tegucigalpa. It is located at a distance of 295kms which can be easily covered in a time 4 to 5 hours which makes it one of the best weekend destinations from El Salvador.

Leon, Nicaragua

Leon is a city bustling with energy, with awe inspiring Churches, famous art collection, stunning screencapes and a happening night life. It is a complete bunch for entertainment. León is a land of volcanoes, hot weather and interesting cities. The city also serves as the political establishment of Nicaragua. Leon is a place you could fall love with. Located at a distance of 400kms from El Salvador and can be covered in a time of 6 hours.

La ceiba Honduras

The city of La Ceiba is a friendly city that has a small town feels to it. Surrounded by lush green jungles, mountains, ever flowing rivers and sandy beaches La Ceiba is a wonderful place located in the lap of nature. The city has been official named as the “Eco tourism capital of Honduras” and “Entertainment capital of Honduras” and every third or fourth Saturday of May the city holds the famous carnival which is attended by approximately by 50000 tourists. So plan your weekend to La Ceiba especially in case you are visiting El Salvador in May.

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