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Alaska Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Alaska: Snapshot

Best time to visit Alaska:
May, June, July, August, September,

Alaska romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Backwaters, Beach, Cruise, Hill Station, Island, Lake, Peaceful, Secluded, Skiing, Water Sports,

The State of Alaska is a gorgeous surface in the country of the USA with nature thunders and man-made wonders and experiences pleasant climatic conditions all through the year. Alaska offers numerous adventures and sports as well but snow time in the region has its own charm. It boasts rich culture and history with the captivating scenery that include Oscar Anderson House Museum, Chichagof Island, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Aviation Heritage Museum, Misty fjords National Monuments, Menden hall Glacier, Yukon River, Alaska Sea Life Center and Alaska Zoo. Alaslka is blessed with heavenly natural beauty which makes it a perfect honeymoon destination in USA.

Alaska is a popular honeymoon destination attracting thousands of couples year after year because of its captivating charm and wonderful hospitality.The state has miles and miles of shopping malls, spa, rich nightlife and best cuisine on offering for travelers making it a popular tourism destination.

Alaska as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

Enjoy the natural phenomenon vistas with your honey on the exotic landscape any time of the year. Stroll in the bustling streets of the Alaska state and explore silk cities and village culture, have a coffee and head to rich wildlife of the state. Discover Native Heritage Center, Oscar House Museums and other historical monuments by foots and have a romantic ride from one corner to the state’s other corner for sightseeing. A safari to wildlife park and enjoy marine life that will keep you closer to each other. Buy some souvenirs for you loved one and experience the bustling nightlife of the city. Couples prefer to back again and again this magical surface.

Why Visit Alaska as Romantic Getaways?

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or Gates to Arctic National Park and Wildlife Cruising
  • Romantic Alaska Northern Light Viewing around February and March
  • The Thunder Splash in Glacier Bay National Park and Juneau Ice fields
  • Kenai fjords National Park Day Cruise and Yukon River
  • Denali National Park and Chichagof Island

Best Time to Visit Alaska

With captivating surroundings and activities, the Alaska experiences unpredictable weather most of the time. But the best time to travel is from May to September. Best Season: May to September Summers: June to August Winters: December to March Monsoons: April to May
Alaska Scenery

Alaska Scenery

Amazing Huge Alaska Scenery by Steve Wall

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    5 Responses to “Alaska”

    Ann Smith Says

    We are planning on going to Alaska on our honeymoon in September of this year. Any suggestions on lodging? activities?

    Yolandi du Preez Says

    Hi all,

    We’re planning on going to Alaska for our honeymoon in June 2014. We are from South Africa which is quite hot (always) so we’re seeking a cooler destination wherewe can relax and absorb the romance.

    Any recommendations?

    Gabby Says

    Hi katie, im getting married next august can you please give me more details about the cabin that you rented in norther wisconsin.
    Best regards an d congrats for your wedding

    Katie Says

    What an amazing honeymoon to take, Alaska is on the top of my travel list. We planned a trip of 5 days right after our wedding and took place in Chicago to northern Wisconsin where we rented a marvelous little cabin on a stunning little lake. We spent our days hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fly fishing and our evenings cooking yummy meals in our gorgeous cabin. Great place for photography and is incredible place for honeymoon. Cheers to Alaska!!

    Jamie Says

    We did an Alaskan cruise in July this year for our honeymoon and it was wonderful. Alaska is extremely gorgeous and the expedition at the ports was so much amusing. We went sea kayaking and took a catamaran to the glaciers. We also went salmon fishing and had a bunch of fresh Alaskan salmon in our freezer. I highly recommend the place.

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