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Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali

Bali is an island located in the country of Indonesia and it is one of the islands among the 17000 islands of the country. Bali, is having the second name of the ‘Island of the Gods’ with it’ slushly countryside that is surrounded by hills and mountains, rocky seashores and golden sandy beaches. There are many couples who are considering the island as their wedding destination as there are lush rice walkways and bleak volcanic hillsides too but all of them make a spellbinding backdrop. Bali is also got a vibrant and intense spiritual and unique culture that all together makes the island same as the paradise on earth. The island is indeed a tourist’s favorite as it is a hub for outstanding surfing and diving, along with a wide range of cultural, ancient and archaeological charms, so it is no doubt that the place is indeed a great place for not only the tourists but for the couples too.

Why to Choose Bali as a Destination Wedding?

  • Bali can be an ideal wedding destination as the island has just an awesome climate and the cost of living of this place is quite low so if you are planning your wedding in this place you are surely going to save a lot of money.
  • Besides saving money the island is also having some of the beautiful locations and fine temples where you can get your marriage done and can organize your wedding reception in the beautiful wedding and reception venues.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Bali

The Conrad

It is one of the exquisite wedding venues of Bali where you can get the best of the wedding experiences where there is a floating garden and a water garden and there are lavish reception and wedding halls to organize the events. There is a fine infinity chapel and the couples can really enjoy their wedding and nuptial ceremonies here.

Conrad Bali

Conrad Bali

The Ritual

This is not only a wedding venue but a wedding chapel where the couples can exchange vows and the architecture of this venue is also a spellbinding one. The venue is located on the cliffs of Uluwatu and creates a panoramic view for the couples and their guests. The chapel and the wedding venue are capable of handling any size of wedding that will suit the taste and need of the couples.

Ayana Resort and Spa

A spellbinding resort and spa where the couples will get the backdrop of the crystal blue waters of Bali and the lush backgrounds that are spellbinding and the couples will have the best services in terms of accommodation, dining and the ambiance where there are beautiful emerald green gardens and the guests will have a real luxury all through.

The Laguna Resort and Spa

This is a wedding venue which is located beside the island and the couples can get the panoramic backdrop as their wedding and reception ceremony will be a grand celebration and there are professional wedding planners who will design your wedding both in indoor and outdoor locations of the venue and you can see the flawless arrangements all through.

The Laguna Resort in Bali

The Laguna Resort in Bali

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