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Best Beaches For Couples in Greece, Greece

The Beaches of Greece are world famous and exceedingly prominent since they are known for their gem clean and clear waters, and additionally for their unique beauty. Most of the many Greek coasts are unreservedly approachable and you can effectively identify and like them. Enjoy beaches extending along over numerous kilometers, protected coves and inlets, brilliant extends of sand with hills, rock shores, waterfront surrenders with steep rocks and dull sand normal of volcanic soil.

List of 11 Best Romantic Beaches in Greece

Beaches destinations are one of the best settings for couples and for romantic vacations in the lap of luxury and romance with incredible view of surrounding areas. SO Check Out some Best Romantic Beaches in Greece For Couples.

Arillas Beach, Corfu

Arillas sunny shore has a certain peace that is elusive in a large number of the different sunny shores in this country. Interesting, neighborhood run bars and serene resorts give this village a little town appeal, free from the commercialization . Found in the far northwest corner of Corfu, the 2-kilometer-long Arillas Beach is perfect for an evening walk around the sun plots its moderate swoop into the Ionian Sea.

Arillas Beach

Arillas Beach (Pic: Flickr, Lutz Hirschmann)

Milia beach, Skopelos

Milia is rock and sand sunny shore, which offers an amazingly beautiful setting and has perspectives of rough outcrops and Dassia Island. It’s not curious for dolphins to visit here in the unanticipated mornings so determine you get there early. Likewise, there is an incredible bar and beach bar and a transport stop around the beach.

Milia beach

Milia beach (Pic:

Tsigrado beach, Milos

Tsigrado beachis spotted in the island of Milos which has numerous beaches scattered all around the island. Tsigrado is a sandy beach, encompassed by high bluffs and a standout amongst the most excellent southern shores of Milos. Going down this beach is a little challenging as guests need to pass through a rough section to get there.

Tsigrado beach

Tsigrado beach (Pic: Flickr, Rui Pedro Vieira)


Elafonisi is in south of Chrysoskalitisa Monastery, in the southwesternmost purpose of Crete. Extraordinary sunny shores with white sand and turquoise waters with touch of the Caribbean, are framed on either sides of the landmass. Walking around the island clearly worths the exertion. Trek for 20 minutes until the beacon on the edge of the island. The region is called Agia Irini (Santa Irene), after the beautiful house of prayer with the interminable view to the ocean.


Elafonisi(Pic: )

Balos Lagoon

Balos Beach is distinguished as the most delightfulness spot on the west bank of Crete. Balos is definitely the most beautiful sunny shore in Crete, an extremely most beloved subject of all traveler in Greece. Balos is celebrated internationally for its turquoise waters, the wild common magnificence and the wonderful colorful view. Throughout the mid year, Balos is gone to by many individuals, who arrive for the most part by the ships running from Kissamos port.

Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon (Pic: Flicker, Dutchflavour)

Porto Katsiki

Placed on Ionian Sea island of Lefkada Porto Katsikiis a standout amongst the most celebrated internationally shores in Greece and Europe. The extraordinary perspective of the white bluff over the sunny shore joined with the encompassing green of the range and the cyan water of the ocean make this sunny shore an “must visit” place for tourists. It is constantly evaluated Top European Beach of the Year.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki (Pic:

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach is placed in the north-west of Kefalonia island in Ionian Sea of Greece .Myrtos has been portrayed as “one of the most dramatic beaches in Greece“, with its “mile-and-a-half long curve of stunning white rocks.” This vacation spot is best seen from above, either from the primary seaside street where autos look like little ants and you can see the entire impact of the piercingly blue ocean, white bluffs and pale sand all together.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach (Pic: Flicker, Kevin Thornton)

Mpalos Beach in Crete

Mpalos Beachis a standout amongst the most alluring shores in Greece on the north west side of the landmass opposite to the island of Gramvoussa. The shallow bayou which is structured in the promontory of Gramvousa, offers an unfathomable perspective of every last one of shades of blue water to its visitors. This view adds to the persona and the wonderfulness of Mpalos sunny shore.

Mpalos Beach

Mpalos Beach (Pic: Flickr, Christophoros Christophoridis)

Sarti beach Halkidiki

The area of Halkidiki brags a portion of the most wonderful sunny shores in Greece. Sartiis an extremely since a long time ago, unspoiled sandy beach, with astonishing perfectly clear, emerald waters and pines that achieve the distance to the ocean. The beach has been recompensed a Blue flag.

Sarti Beach

Sarti Beach (Pic: Flickr, I Enjoy My Life)


Magnificent tavernas, spots and shops, a beautiful waterfront full of character and a long sandy sunny shore are the backbones of the Karpathos’attractions. The eastern coastline of Karpathos is honored with numerous fine beaches, one of the best being at Kyra Panagia, 150 metres of fine shingle drains into a splendid, turquoise ocean. With mountains climbing above 1,200 metres, forested ranges and superb sunny shores, Karpathos has a percentage of the most alluring and dramatic view in the Greek islands.


Karphatos (Pic: )

Navagio Beach in Zakynthos

Navagio Beachis one of the most photographed captured shores in Greece. Essentially in light of the wreck that improves this noteworthy white pebbled sound that can just be entered by little pontoons. The milestone of Zakynthos; a standout amongst the most famous vacation spots of Greece. With its mile-and-a-half long stretch of shiny white pebbles cutting deep into a sheer cliff and its crystalline turquoise waters lapping against the island’s northwest coast, Navagio invites you to unveil its well-kept secret.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach (Pic: Flickr, Simon Taylor)

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