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Best Museums in North America

Museum is places that speak a lot about the history, culture and society of a particular place. North America is home to some of world's finest museums. There are museums that will demand your attention even if you plan to skip them. Filled with masterpieces and captivating temporary exhibits these museums will never fail to enthrall you. With their rich histories, monumental architecture, and unbelievable treasures the museums of north America will capture your breath each time you gaze at a piece of art. We present you with a list of some of the finest best museums in north America that will leave you amazed.

10 Must See Art Museums in North America

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo Credit : Steven Pisano

Metropolitan Museum of art, New York City :

The metropolitan museum of art is the largest museum in the u.s. and one of the ten largest in the world. There are nine wings on the first floor which showcases the american wing, egyptian art, greek and roman art, medieval art, arms and armor, arts of africa, oceania and the americas, and modern and contemporary art. On the second floor, there are european paintings and sculptures, asian art, photography, drawings and prints, and musical instruments. Its islamic wing features tapestries, decorative objects, and an entire room from 18th-century damascus.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Photo Credit : Tom Ipri

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia :

this museum has a collection of more than 227,000 objects which covers pieces from all major periods and styles. It’s the modern collection that is noteworthy which includes the world’s largest collection of works by marcel duchamp, as well as some of cy twombly’s monumental abstract paintings.

Museum of Fine Arts

Photo Credit : Massachusetts

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston :

This Is one of the oldest and most appreciated art institutions of north america. Museum of fine arts contains an inspiring collection of american works by winslow homer, mary cassatt edward hopper, georgia o’keefe, and jackson pollock. There are plenty of ornamental arts including paul revere’s silver teapots and tableware.

Art Institute of Chicago

Photo Credit : Beyond My Ken

Art Institute of Chicago :

The Art institute of chicago found in 1879 as both a museum and a school for the arts. The museum holds the history, from ancient egyptian sarcophagi to contemporary photography. The impressionist assortment is very extensive and impressive with an entire room devoted to monet.

Detroit Institute of Art, detroit

Photo Credit : cubby_t_bear

Detroit Institute of Art, detroit :

The Detroit institute of arts has a wide collection of african-american art along with american, european, asian, african, native american, and islamic art. The museum contains more than 100 galleries, an auditorium, a lecture hall, an art reference library, and a conservation services laboratory.

The Getty Center, Los Angles

The Getty Center, Los Angles :

The vast museum spans five pavilions linked by a central courtyard. There are walkways and gardens snaking all around the courtyard. The art collection is separated between the buildings according to time. Getty’s collection of 18th-century french enhancing arts is widely renowned.

solomon r. Guggenheim museum

Photo Credit : Vince Smith

The solomon r. Guggenheim museum, New York City :

This museum was officially opened by the guggenheim foundation in 1959. The famous building was designed by frank lloyd wright. He worked on the design for 15 years. This was wright’s last work as he died 6 months before the museum was inaugurated.

Chapultepec Castle

Photo Credit : Ari Helminen

Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City :

Chapultepec castle is one of only two royal castles in the americas, and the only one in north america. President Lázaro cárdenas declared chapultepec castle as the seat of the national museum of history with the collections of the former national museum of archaeology, history and ethnography in 1939.

National Gallery of Canada

Photo Credit : Norman Maddeaux

National Gallery of Canada :

Located in the capital city ottawa, ontario, national gallery of canada, is one of canada’s leading art galleries. The gallery has a great and diverse set of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs. Canadian art is its prime focus, but it has even preserved few works of american and european artists.

Renwick Gallery

Photo Credit : David

Renwick Gallery :

The renwick gallery opened in 1972. The collection features some of the best craft objects and decorative arts from the 19th century to the present. It captures the aspirations, nature, and thoughts of the native americans for more than three centuries.

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