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Plan a Destination Wedding in California

California is the largest state of the United States. The state is located on the west coast of North America and known for housing one of the best cities of the United States such as Los Angeles, Disneyland, San Diego and many others. So couples who are looking to get married in the best locations of California where you can plan your wedding in any of the magnificent provinces of this beautiful state and all of them promises to get you the best and the most romantic event of your life.Destination Wedding in California will be a dramatic affair as thinking about the state will always remind you of the finest beaches of the United States and some of the mighty mountains where they can tie the knot in the best locations and can also get many historical locations to tie the knot and the couples can really get the best of their wedding experiences in the state.

Why to Choose California as Destination Wedding ?

  • California can be the best choice and the couples can choose among any of its provinces which can vary from the towering redwoods in Northern California, sun-tinged vineyards beyond Monterey Bay in Central California.
  • Couples can also get the best sunset weddings in the crimson sunsets at the beaches along Southern California, with traditional music and festivities in beach wedding at the Cobalt Sea of Cortez or they can get the best and lavish weddings in Los Angeles too.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in California

Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa, Pismo Beach

This is an elegant wedding venue located in the gorgeous white sandy beaches of Pismo Beaches and nestled on the central coast of California. This wedding venue is located on the spellbinding locations and also popular for serving some of the world class wedding menus that are arranged and done by the professional chefs who will customize them according to your choices and they will also serve you with the best services for your wedding.

The Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa

The Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa

DNC Parks, Yosemite

The wedding venue is a spellbinding one with flowers and waterfalls all around and the couples will get the fine dining experience with this wedding venue where you and your guests will be treated with the best dining experiences and the couples can also the best accommodation for their guests which are typically meant for wedding purposes. The wedding venue is also known for its majestic surroundings which are extremely spellbinding.

Taglyan Cultural Complex, Los Angeles

This is one of the most lavish wedding venues of California and is very popular in the gorgeous city of Los Angeles and the couples can get the finest wedding arrangements from the vendor and the venue can accommodate up to 500 guests and they can also treat their guests with the best wedding menu.

Taglyan Complex grounds

Taglyan Complex grounds

Paradise Spot, San Diego

The venue is really a majestic one and the area is about the 60,000 square feet and is perfect for lavish weddings. The wedding venue has the stunning white beach views and lush green gardens which are beautiful and serene.

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