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California: Snapshot

Best time to visit California:
June, July, August, September,

California romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Countryside, Cruise, Lake, Peaceful, Popular, Shopping, Water Sports, Wildlife,

California is a popular state in the United States of America, with an array of natural attractions, an enthralling culture and a history which spans thousands of years. This beautiful country has lot popular attractions and is becoming increasingly popular among both families and couples.California is a vibrant, cutting edge, chaotic and yet undeniably beautiful and the biggest city that has uniquely combined culture, nature and the modernity that offers visitors an unforgettable urban experience. Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose city expresses the very essence of the beautiful country California: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Latino culture, rocking bars, sunny weather, its fascinating modern architecture and one of the hottest art scenes and beaches.

Tourists can see the beautiful landscapes in California that include mountains, valleys, Yosemite National Park and waterfalls. If tourists are looking for excitement they can surf in the Pacific Ocean or go on the rides at Disneyland. Needless to say, this tourist destination is heaven.

California as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

California offers honeymooners a trip of a lifetime. Whether you want to combine Hollywood, Beaches or even a bit of culture, California has it all. But most importantly why is California such a special destination for honeymooners? California offers honeymooners the opportunity to experience a star watch of Hollywood dream-men.

Couples can see the world famous San Diego Zoo in California’s oldest city. They can also ride a cable car, visit Fisherman’s Warf, sway in the wind on the Golden Gate Bridge, or just enjoy the view from one of San Francisco’s mountains. If tourists or honeymooners are looking for more excitement and fun than they can surf in the Pacific Ocean or go on the rides at Disneyland, or visit the Hollywood and the beautiful beaches in Malibu. At Alcatraz the countries worst Criminals were imprisoned and for star watchers its always Los Angeles as its home of Hollywood. Thrill seekers can take a wild ride on one of the world’s largest freeway systems in Los Angeles.

We find that honeymooners want to do something different and go to a location they’ll never forget. So it is important that as well as a Hollywood-History culture combo will keep the trip etched in your mind.

Why Visit California as Romantic Getaways?

  • San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is considered one of the engineering marvels with its elaborate suspension system.
  • The sign is one of the world’s most photographed icons and symbolizes the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.
  • The Santa Cruz Surfing Museum sits on a cliff overlooking surfing spot Steamer Lane. It trace more than 100 years of surfing history.
  • Maidu Interpretive Center and Historic Site offers a nature-loop trail that features ancient petroglyphs and hundreds of bedrock mortars.
  • Tallac Historic Site and Colton Hall are added attractions of the nation.

Best Time to Visit California

The best time to visit Los Angeles is in summer, from June into September when there’s a lot of action at the beach. Best Season: June to September Summers: mid-June and mid-September Winters: December to March Monsoons: March to May & October to November
San Francisco Palace in California

San Francisco Palace in California

San Francisco Palace in California by Stephanie Booth

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    Mantra Says

    The most thrilled experience i have ever had in Death Valley National Park which is located in the Mojave Desert. But also enjoyed some of the outdoor activities there. California is really an awesome place. I really loved to be there on my holidays.

    Jennifer Says

    California is a stunning place. Recently i have celebrated our first anniversary there.Looking to revisit again to the beautiful and stunning California.

    Annie Says

    The most enjoyable experience I have ever had. The place is stunning and warm. We celebrated my boyfriend’s Birthday. And California made it special. We cannot wait to revisit the place..:-)))

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