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Croatia Destination Wedding

Croatia is a beautiful country which is officially called as the Republic of Croatia and it is indeed a beautiful country where the couples can choose Croatia as a honeymoon destination; or even better as their wedding destination. The country is rich in natural beauty and the locations are decorated with daunting hills which is very well defined by the peak of the country Dinara Mountains and the country has a fantastic coastline and the country is having beautiful valleys and plains and beautiful rivers are flowing by it. Couples can really choose their Destination wedding location in this beautiful country where they can be romantic at their best and they can bond in the pious union of wedlock.

Why to Choose Croatia as Destination Wedding?

  • For exclusive Sea side and waterfront wedding locations which will create a majestic charisma in your wedding and you will be a getting the best arrangements and services from the boutique hotels and resorts.
  • This country is also known for its lip smacking foods so if you are planning for a wedding in Croatia then it is quite sure that you will get best arrangements of food and catering services to satisfy and please your guests.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Croatia

Bonj Les Bians, Split

This is a restaurant which is specially designed to organize weddings and the couples will find this place as an ecstatic place where everything is just up to the mark designed with the elements of a contemporary lifestyle and to make a wedding really blissful and lavish. The architecture of this place is an ancient and intricate work of 1927 and considered as one of the most prestigious and extravagant places to wed in Croatia and it is among the best places in Europe to tie knot. Another specialty of this place is that it is located by the sea so you can really have a gorgeous sea facing wedding.

Westin Hotel and Restaurant, Zagreb

The Westin is one of the best wedding locations settled in the capital city of Zagreb and the couples can experience the lavish arrangements which are included with best cuisines, Crystal ballrooms, flower arrangements and a lounge Bar and Restaurant where the couples can have the best accommodation for their guests and they can arrange for a superior wedding for them.

Salon Opera in Westin Zagreb Hotel

Salon Opera in Westin Zagreb Hotel

Villa Rouza, Dubrovnik

Again the couples will get superior chance to get wed in one of the best wedding locations of Croatia which is festooned with beautiful pines trees and the villas is the spectacular place to exchange vows. The serene locations with birds chirping all around will remind you about the heaven where Adam and Eve fallen for each other and located in the most romantic corner of the Adriatic Coast.

Hotel Lapad, Dubrovnik

A 100 year old charming place where you can celebrate your nuptials with great price and honor and the place is known for its old charm along with its essence of contemporary d├ęcor and accommodation facilities. The hotel is located on the Lapad Peninsula with fine gardens and stoned courtyards.

Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik

Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik

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