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Ecuador Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Ecuador: Snapshot

Best time to visit Ecuador:
January, June, July, August, December,

Ecuador romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Backwaters, Beach, Heritage, Hill Station, Peaceful, Trekking,

The Republic of Ecuador, affluent in scenic splendor, shares its boundaries with Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean and consist Galapagos Island. Quito is the capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ecuador tourism, full of romance, excitement, majesty and color, this wondrous surface has a lot to offer. The primary attractions of the city include Cuenca, Guayaquil, Puerto Ayora, Otavalo, Montanita, Mindo, Manta, Puerto Villamil, Latacunga, San Cristobal, Riobamba and Loja. With fabulous cuisine and world-class resorts, this tourism spot is a delight for couples and families alike.

Ecuador is a picture perfect honeymoon destination especially for those are history seekers, nature lover and sports enthusiasts.

Ecuador as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Scratch the colonial towns of Cuenca or Guayaquil and visit museums, art galleries and must-see play in theatres. A train ride from Alausi to Sibambe offer magnificent sceneries and visit the Church of the Society of Jesus in Quito – the capital city for blessings of god. Climb to Cotopaxi volcano for adventure fun or reach Amazon Rainforest for animal spotting and bird watch. Stroll in the Otavalo Market for local arts, crafts and many other handicrafts. You must go through Galapagos Island to see penguins, sea lions, tortoises and different bird species. Enjoy the candlelight dinner in luxurious resorts. Ecuador has all in it for couples to make this tour a lifetime memory.

Why Visit Ecuador as Romantic Getaway?

  • The Galapagos Islands archipelago of volcanic islands; Famed for eco-tourism
  • Otavalo Market; Opportunities for local arts, crafts and clothing
  • Cathedral Nueva in Cuenca, Montanita Town for bustling lifestyle
  • Tena – Amazing Rainforests, situated in Amazon Rainforest Region
  • City of Banos, lying in the foots of active volcano Tungurahua
  • La Compania, Quito and Train line between the Alausi and Sibambe

Best Time to Visit Ecuador

The best time to visit in the Republic of Ecuador is from June to August & December to January. Summer remains hot and humid while the winters remain cold and the surface experiences overcast conditions rest of the time.

Best Season: June to August & December to January
Summers: January to May
Winters: October to December
Monsoons:  June to September



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