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Europe’s Most Romantic Destination For Couples

Here is an Ultimate Guide to Best Travel Destination in Europe. Europe is a vast continent which has many interesting countries and cities and the continent has endless places to visit where people can see major wonders of the world and those also include the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the European nations are mostly known for preserving their cultural and historical heritages. So no matter which country you visit from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, or Germany you will get some of the best views of the world and becoming the Best honeymoon and holiday destinations of the world where people of every age will find an apt place for them to live their own moments.

15 Europe's Best Honeymoon Holiday Destinations For Couples

Bordeaux in France

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Bordeaux- France

An overwhelming place in Gironde and especially known for its wines and people can see the various museums, gardens and especially for its vibrant lifestyle. The city is having many amazing views where people can see the dynamic Garronne River as the city is settled on the banks of the river. People can experience the beauty of a French City which is considered the largest in area in Europe. The city is considered one of the most beautiful historical cities of France and one can see some of the beautiful Roman architectures here and beautiful walking trails are there too.

Pont Neuf Bridge

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Paris- France

Known as the most fashionable and romantic place of the world- Paris is the second name to sophistication and luxury. The major cosmopolitan metropolis and also the capital city of France located on the banks of River Seine and is a hub of cultural and historical evidences of the country. Paris is having some of the iconic places of interests such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Moulin, the Arc de Triomphe, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Rouge, and Lido. People also visit Paris to buy designer clothes and world class cosmetics as the leading designers of the world belong from this city.


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Lisbon- Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal is a gorgeous place and this is also known as an illuminated city and people can visit here during their honeymoon too. The city is a hub of parks, gardens, and other attractions such as museums and most importantly Lisbon is known for its nightlife which is energetic and dynamic too and people who come here never forget to enjoy it. The city has some dynamic architecture and among them Castelo de São Jorge, Ponte 25 de Abril, Ponte Vasco da Gama, and many others are viewed by millions of viewers.


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Athens- Greece

The capital city of Greece Athens is a city of Western Civilization. The city was ruled by numerous rulers and there are endless architectures and historical structures can be seen here. The city is having multi-cultural lifestyle and the culture of the city is really beautiful and welcoming. The city is also known for its natural beauty which are over-whelming and can be enjoyed all through the year. An UNESCO World Heritage Site is also there which is the “ Acropolis” the classic ruling town of Athens rulers from the Bronze Age, to Alexander and so on.


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Milan –Italy

Milan is a majorly important city of Europe and the financial hub too. It is the most urban and populous city of the country. Milan is not beautiful as other cities of Italy as there were many architectures that were destroyed in Second World War but it still holds a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Santa Maria alle Grazie Basilica, where people can see one of the world’s most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. There are more Gothic Cathedrals can be seen here and also Milan is famous for its historical sites and abundance of wealth.


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Istanbul- Turkey

This is one of the most populous cities of Turkey and also known as the financial and cultural hub of the country. In Istanbul one can both see the Asian and European cultures in the city and people can see historical remnants of the Constantinople of the Roman, Eastern Roman/Byzantine, and much of the Ottoman periods. Istanbul is one of the largest cities of Europe and the city is also known for its night clubs and hamams i.e. the Turkish Baths for which people from all over the world come and love the pampering massage. The city is also known for its world class architectures.


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Prague- Czech Republic

This is the capital city and the largest city of Czech Republic and known for its gold tipped towers and churches that will showcase the medieval era through the best architecture.  The city has some extraordinary castles, cathedrals, courtyards, and uncountable churches that are the best pictures of the 9th century and as the city was the center of the Bohemian Kings so you can see a lot of Bohemian culture in the city. The city also has beautiful reflections of the Vltava River and reprises the best views of the medieval era.


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Rome- Italy

Italy has many beautiful cities and Rome is one of them. Rome is also the capital and the largest city of the country and also called as “Eternal city. Rome has some very globally renowned places such as “the Vatican City” and it was the premium seat of the Roman Empire and also the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, and the Three Coins in the Fountain. And also the city is known for its 2800 years of historical backgrounds existence. The city has many UNESCO World heritage Sites with many ancient architecture and churches.

London Eye

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London- United Kingdom

London is among those cities which have got global prominence and people take the name of London with pride and honor because it is one of the best cities of the world and known as the most lavish and the most urban cities. Among the most visited places of the Buckingham Palace, Royal opera House, the London Bridge, and also the city is a hub of street foods and people who visit here often find their food heaven on the streets of London rather visiting any renowned food place. Camden Market is also a place to visit in London.


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Switzerland is a beautiful landlocked country of Europe and one of the major honeymoon destinations of the world. Switzerland is known for its awesome snowcapped mountains of Alps and for its mesmerizing natural locations. Switzerland is also known for its chilly winters and for it gorgeous locations with the Lake Geneva, Jura Mountains, Bernese Highlands and Lowlands, Valais and most importantly Zurich which is the most visited city of Switzerland. The capital city of Berne is also known for its best tourism centers and Rhine Falls is also counted among the best views of the country.


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Barcelona –Spain

Barcelona is a beautiful city of Spain located in Catalonia and also known as the largest city of Spain. The city has all the elements which mostly the European nations have is the beautiful elements of museums, churches, shopping centers, outdoor markets, and many other places where people can really have a good time. BarriGotic, Montserrat, Temple of Augustus, Gaudi architecture and Modernist Barcelona are the center of attraction for the tourists in the city of Barcelona and also people can see beautiful flora and fauna in the city along with some exclusive churches that are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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St. Petersburg- Russia

This is the second largest city of Russia and known for being a gorgeous tourist destination with its breathtaking architecture and also for its historic buildings and bridges which are considered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is settled on the banks of the Neva River and also the seat of the Romanov Dynasty and also known as the best place to see some very astonishing castles and palaces and people can see the beauty of the architecture and can get the best tourism activities. People who are looking to get the best glimpse of Russian historical era then they can visit this city.

Tram in Budapest

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Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and one of the best cities of the country too. Budapest is known for its high quality of life and for its settlement on the banks of the River Danube and the city is also known for its gorgeous bridges and best views can be enjoyed by the tourist in the city. People can see the Royal palace, the beautiful River Danube and the major churches in the city the parliament building is one of the best places to see in the city.


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Venice is considered as one of the lovely places of earth and that is why people from all over the world never keep their trip of Italy without visiting Venice and the city is really a blissful place with118 islands in it. There are many beautiful buildings and historical remnants are there where people can see its beauty and the lovely city. The main places of the city is the Bell Tower, Rialto bridge, Jewish Ghetto of Venice, numerous piazzas, canals, and bridges to be seen here. Romantic trips are also famous in this city for their trips and cruises.


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Amsterdam- Netherlands

The place is very famous among the visitors of the world and the people from all over the world consider this city as the most visited place of Europe. The city has many canals, architecture, and some of the prominent pictures of 19th and 20th century which are considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and people can see the best features here there are canals and house boasts where people can go on for cruises. Modern architecture can also be seen here and the tourists can also get the rental boats for cruising.

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Great List For European Destination. Amsterdam is the one we are heading next , remaining we were lucky to travel all. All these destinations are amazing ones specially the Budapest. It is one of the best destination in Europe for couples as well as any other traveler.

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