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Famous Places to Visit in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the main island of Thailand and the best tourist destination too. Phuket Island can be one of the best destinations to be treated as honeymoon destinations and that is why couples from all over the world come here for their happy and romantic days. The various tourists’ places in Phuket have loads of magnificence and phenomena to show and every individual place is different to provide the best visuals and memories to its tourists. Not only the islands and the sands but Phuket has many other things and places to offer and the tourists who are here for their honeymoon trips will love the place which will take them to a new world of wonder and joys altogether.

List of Top Phuket Sightseeing & Attractions

Phang Nga Bay in Phuket

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Phang Nga Bay

This is amongst the unique Phuket Sightseeing Places which can be visited by the tourists who visit here and it is just a no miss place. The bay is located between Phuket, and Krabi and popularly known for its limestone rock formations. There are many small islands that are located in the bay and also known for their beautiful coral islands. There is also a famous one which is known as James Bond Island or KoTapu and it was poorly devastated by 2004 Tsunami but still people come here to see the beautiful lime rock formations which are a unique experience.

Chalong Bay in Phuket

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Chalong Bay

This is Phuket’s main bay which is known for its boat anchorage and also known as the largest bay, of the island. The honeymoon couples are free to enjoy the beautiful and charming backdrop as the Chalong Bay is known for being genuinely scenic but the waters of the bay are not apt for swimming purposes so the couples have to enjoy them only on walking on the beaches. They are free to hire boats for some short cruise trips as there is a small island in the southern area. The couples dine on the beach as there are good number of restaurants is present and they will serve the best seafood.

Patong Beach in Phuket

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Patong Beach

This is the major beach of Phuket which is considered as the prime tourist hub of not only Thailand but of Asia. The beach is known for its vibrant nightlife, clubs, restaurant and discos that keep the entire country alive and make the tourists go for it at any cost. The Patong Beach cannot be missed by the couples as they can unlimited ways of entertainment and there are many options of adult entertainment also on the beach where they can enjoy cabaret. More the couples can enjoy the watersports and the spa treatments that will be the best of the moments to be spent on Patong.

Karon Beach in Phuket

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Karon Beach

This beach is the second popular beach of Phuket and indeed amongst the must visit places in Phuket where the couples can enjoy their best honeymoon trips and holidays. The white sands of the beach are the best attraction and they can really enjoy the picturesque backdrop which is mesmerizing and has long shoreline which is apt for romantic walks. The beach is also having coral reefs and lined by the stunningNongHarn Lake which is the major beachside park in Phuket that offer you with the best walking and cycling paths with a mesmerizing view to enjoy.

Old Phuket Town

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Old Phuket Town

This is the old town of Phuket and deserves to be visited and the couples can have a look at the 19th-century architecture for which the old town is famous for. There are many old mansions, temples and shops are seen that are inspired by Sino-Portuguese architecture. The streets are narrow and have a nostalgic feeling which will give a beautiful feeling to the spectator and that is why when the couples will come to see them they will see a new world which is more than 100 years old and still preserved very well to maintain the old style.

Siam Safari Nature Tours

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Siam Safari Nature Tours

This is a 20 years old tradition and this has been a great legacy in the Thailand culture where they introduce their tourists to the best of the trips of Thailand and it’s lushly natural beauty and that is why people can have the nice trips of the jungle trekking elephant trekking, canoeing and other jungle safaris and natural tours. The luxury cars and its world class accommodation will be arranged for you to get a gorgeous glimpse of Phuket and Southern Thailand. So the couples will have a great time watching the beauty of Thailand through the beautiful flora and fauna.

Phuket Big Buddha

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Phuket’s Big Buddha

This could be one of the most iconic tours of Phuket and a must visit place in Phuket where the couples can see the huge and white Buddha statue which is located in Chalong. The huge statue is located on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata and, and is having a height of 45 meters and from here the couples can see the panoramic view of the lushly Phuket town and Kata, Karon beaches, and Chalong Bay, so it will be a great time visiting the place watching the dynamic city from such a height and watching the beautiful statue made of white Burmese jade stone.

Phuket Aquarium

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Phuket Aquarium

Another beautiful place to be in Phuket and the couples cannot finish their vacation without having a visit to this aquarium and it carries more than 30 tanks of freshwater and saltwater creatures and this is place which is really loved by the children but the couples will love the place as it can never be less fun for the adults to enjoy watching such colorful underwater species and there are cuttlefish, hover like spaceships, razorfish, sea turtles and many others are seen here along with hundreds of colorful fish that will no less than floating flowers and indeed is one of the best Phuket Sightseeing Places.

Waterfalls in Phuket

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Phuket Waterfalls

The couples will love the waterfall trip of Phuket and all of them are stunning and they can start from the Bang Pae Waterfall which is located in north Phuket and this place is indeed a great picnic spot and the couples will love the photogenic scenery and this place is also a Gibbon rehabilitation center so it will be a great chance to watch them. The other two are Tonsai Waterfall and Kathu Waterfall which both are stunning and the couples will love it. The both waterfalls are extremely beautiful to watch and to spend a nice romantic hour.

Promthep Cape in Phuket

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Promthep Cape

Phromthep Cape is the one of the most snapped and perhaps one of the gorgeous locations to be and the couples can have their best time at this place where they can spot the most stunning background of Phuket whereas there are restaurants where they can also spot the most romantic sunset together. Phuket has many places where the couples can have their best time but this place is really stunning and they will never forget this place because of its magnificence and there are also handicrafts shop where the couples can also shop for many local items here.

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