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Destination Wedding in Florence

Also known as the “Athens of Middle Ages” and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1982, Florence is one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations on Earth. In fact, it was also ranked as the top tourist destination by Travel Leisure magazine in 2010. There serenity and charm of this place make it one of the prime getaways for lovers and newlyweds from all over the World. Florence is a destination of warm hospitality and elegant man-made architectures. Overall, Florence carries a touch of mesmerizing allure about itself, which is also the reason why it has emerged as one of the popular destination wedding in the World.

Why to Choose Florence as a Destination Wedding ?

  • There Serene Ambiance and romantic aura of the Florence city is simply irresistible.
  • Being a river side city, the geographical location of Florence makes this place a supremely romantic destination.
  • During the months of May-September, the weather in Florence is pleasantly vibrant and a lot of local festivals are also going on in the city.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Florence

Castello Vicchiomaggio

Just 18Kms away from the city of Florence, Castello Vicchiomaggio is an elegantly rustic and a very beautiful, 14th century castle house, available for weddings, receptions and holidays too. There is also a church within the walls of Castello Vicchiomaggio, so you need not go out for your ring ceremony. Surrounded by Vineyards, the Castello Vicchiomaggio is also blessed with its hill top location and embraced by the warmth of a romantic environment.

Castello Vicchiomaggio Wedding Venue

Castello Vicchiomaggio Wedding Venue

Castello Di Vincigiata

Romantic both by its physical appearance as well as its history, the Castello Di Vincigiata is a beautiful castle house in the serenity of nature, just 20 minutes away from Florence. About Castello Di Vincigiata, it is known that a pretty girl named Bicana used to live in this area and she was in love with the son of her family’s arch-enemy. So her family was not ready to accept her love. Hence, they decided to marry without Bicana’s family’s consent. On the day of marriage (standing right on the top of the castle’s tower), Bicana was waiting for his man to come. As her man was riding towards her, Bicana’s brothers got hold of him in the mid way and killed him in front of Bicana’s eyes. Post this, still dressed up beautifully in the wedding gown, Bicana also died of heart break. Since then it is believed that her spirit roams around Castello Di Vincigiata and she protects all the lovers here.

Palazzo Corsini

Palazzo Corsini is a beautiful, romantic barbeque palace, splendidly located in the settings of Arno River (Heart of the City) in Florence. The Palazzo Corsini is a 350 years old palace, which continues to be owned by the descendants of Corsini family, so expect a touch of preserved royalty at this place. The palace can easily accommodate 10-1000 wedding guests for you. The serene surroundings and rich historical and cultural heritage of the palace are sure to make your wedding, the most beautiful experience of your life.

Villa Di Maiano

Beautifully set-up amidst the rich natural flora and fauna, Villa Di Maiano is a villa house of jaw-dropping landscapes and natural beauty. With special catering arrangements, Villa Di Maiano can easily accommodate 200-300 guests on the auspicious day of your wedding. Located Just 5 Kms away from Florence historical center, this place is surrounded by the majestic hills of Fiesole and Florence and welcomes you for a fairy tale wedding ceremony.

Hotel Villa Cora

Beautifully located amidst the planetree woods and the Viale dei Colli gardens, Hotel Villa Cora is a stunning 5-star mansion hotel. Apart from its sheer physical beauty, this place is also facilitated with luxuries like spa, heated swimming pool, wellness area and many more. The beautiful mansion hotel consists of 46 luxury rooms and suites and its famous “Mirror Room” (which opens out into the gardens) can easily accommodate 60-80 guests. For more personal and intimate party there is also a “Moorish Room” that is perfect of a guest group of 20-25 people.



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