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Destination Wedding in France

France is not only an important country of Europe but also a major tourist destination of the world. It shares its neighborhood with Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany and many other important nations. France is already known for its spectacular Roman architecture, which is a prominent example of its rich history. The capital city of Paris is known as the Fashion Capital of the World and thus altogether makes it a great country to visit and explores its magical aspects which impress the entire world. There are loads of destination wedding in France where you can plan your wedding but you should make sure that you have employed the best wedding planner who can make the things possible just in your budget and within your reaches.

Why to Choose France as a Destination Wedding?

  • Couples can choose for some very exotic French Riviera wedding venues that are especially known for their lavishness and best ambience which can make the couples not only happy but they can feel proud to be a part of the nation.
  • In France the couples can choose for exquisite beach weddings that are settled in best beach resorts in the Southern part of France to add more glamor to the wedding.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in France

The Old Cognac Estate, Bordeaux

Located in the wine city of France-Bordeaux this is a unique barn which can really host your wedding with much lavishness and grandeur. The barn can accommodate up to 150 guests and can be the best destination for your wedding if you are looking for a private affair and planning a small party. This is an estate which is built in the 15th century but the estate has been built in a contemporary style and makes it a stylish wedding venue.

Majestic Loire Valley Castle, Loire Valley

An enormous castle where the couples can get married and the castle also has enough of accommodation services which will be enough for a good number of people. The castle is made of oak and mahogany and the ballroom and reception halls are made with the finest wooden architecture and perfect for a grand destination wedding and reception event function. You can also expect some of the best and relishing French cuisine over here.

Loire Valley Châteaux from Paris

Loire Valley Châteaux from

Fairytale Wedding Chateau, Paris

This is an architectural masterpiece that was built in 17th century and the couples can get their wedding celebrated in grandeur as this mansion is a epitome of class and royalty but the mansion do not have any accommodation facility.

Fairytale Wedding Chateau

Fairytale Wedding Chateau

Panoramic Artist’s Chateau, Cannes, French Riviera

A unique mansion built in 14th century the mansion can hold up to 150 people but have no accommodation facilities. With the majestic sea views the mansion is a great place to celebrate your nuptials and the couples can really enjoy their wedding.

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