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Frankfurt Destination Wedding

Frankfurt is not only the huge city of Germany and also the center of financial and business of the country. The city has a number of tourist attractions and been a favorite of the tourists from all over the world and the couples who are about to tie knot can choose this city as their Destination wedding and indeed they will find good locations and hotels resorts to organize their D Day. Exclusive and unusual wedding locations are present in the city where you can have an impeccable wedding experience in the city where you can also get married in an aircraft with best accommodations of up to 200 guests. So, there are no limitations to romance and your wedding can definitely turn to a fairytale affair with the various wedding locations of Frankfurt.

Why to Choose Frankfurt as Destination Wedding ?

  • Unusual and extraordinary wedding locations that are suitable to the couples choices and budgets can really be the main source of a successful and beautiful wedding.
  • Frankfurt is a wealthy city so if the couples are ready to expend to their maximum they will get a real fairytale wedding which one can only think of.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Frankfurt

Aircraft at Burghof

This is an unique wedding location in Frankfurt which has been designed just like an interior look of an aero plane and inside the place the host and guest will be surprised with the arrangements as they can see the DJ services with LCD screens that will display the wedding couples and the guests with the very best catering services that will add up more oomph to the venue and the event.


This wedding location is actually settled on the Alp where the couples can get married on the mountain range and can get more thrill thinking that they climbed really on high in love! Tying knot is such a location will be a indeed fun and the location is completely made with wood and the couples who are here for their wedding can call up to 800 guests and this place is a real treat to all.

Lufthansa Center

This is a giant center for events and indeed an unusual one too. The place is a huge event center which is made to surprise you and the interior is really beautiful and impeccable. The couples can feel free to call up to 400 people in their events as the hall will be enough for it and the hall is really majestic where you can enjoy the your event with the best ambiance in the city of Frankfurt.


This is a unique restaurant cum wedding destination where you can arrange your wedding events and you can definitely get the best services of food and lounge services. This is a place where you can have a beautiful and classic Italian Wedding with the best Italian cuisines to serve your guest. Not only the d├ęcor and flower arrangements but the atmosphere will also spread the Italian experience all over.

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