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Germany Destination Wedding

Germany is the largest country of Europe and a great tourist destination. But with the moving times Germany is not only remembered for its World War memories but it is creating more romantic ambiance for the couples who want to get married here. This is a grand destination wedding which can deliver you with the best of wedding venues in all over the country and in its various cities which are elegant and can host many wedding locations that re included with castles, hotels and resorts, heritage hotels, banquet halls and many others. Germany was the hub of ancient Roman Empire so it is pretty obvious that you will get a fair chance to get a chance to wed in the ancient Roman cathedrals and chapels which are beautiful and have a rich history behind them. So, the couples who have headed towards a grand wedding and honeymoon in Europe can choose Germany as a great location to exchange vows.

Why to Choose Germany as Destination Wedding ?

  • Beautiful country with roman historical background with contemporary arrangements that have been put together to create romance all over the country and can create magic with the lavish wedding venues.
  • Wedding venues can vary from castles, heritage hotels, resorts, and also in between the natural bliss which can be seen all around the country.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Germany

Pappenheim Castle, Bavaria

This is a unique place to wed in Germany and the castle is having a unique atmosphere with a regal chapel inside it. The catering and accommodation facilities are just awesome and you cannot get over with the arrangements made by the wedding planner who will assist you to make your dream come true and you can see the ancient char of this castle through their historic furniture.

Castle Hotel Hohenstein, Bavaria

This is another word to fairy tale wedding in Germany as the hotel used to be a castle which has been converted for attending such kind of lavish weddings. Inside this heritage hotel there is a chapel that dates back to 13th century and the room are rich with historical reflections of the past and due to this reason the accommodation can be a grand affair for the guests as they can see some really beautiful paintings and furnishings which have been restored from the ancient era.

Trausnitz Castle, Munich

This is an indeed beautiful castle located in the capital city of Munich where the couples can tie knot in a royal style and you can see the beautiful place sparkling with the shine of the history since 1204. The castle is known for its excellent gothic architecture and that is why the couples who are seeking a lavish medieval era wedding often choose this castle which spread the unique essence of the medieval era.

Trausnitz Castle

Trausnitz Castle by Allie_Caulfield

Gardens of the world, Berlin

This wedding location is indeed a beautiful one which is located in the beautiful city of Berlin and the place is more of a Chinese Garden where you can tie knot with style amidst the flowery place where you can really experience a different world to speak romance.

Gardens of the world in Berlin

Gardens of the world in Berlin by maxie

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