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Destination Wedding in Havana

Capital of the largest island on the Caribbean, Havana is nothing less but a gem in the unparallel beauty of Cuba. With its irresistible fusion of natural beauty and luxury, Havana is bound to leave you with the most lovable memories of your wedding. Blessed with beautiful sand beaches, luxurious spas and some of the most serene and romantic escapes, Havana sets up for a dream destination wedding for you. The distinctive Caribbean flavor, romantic atmosphere and warm hospitality of Havana combine together to form a lethal combination that you just can’t resist considering for your wedding destination.

Why to Choose Havana as Destination Wedding ?

  • Abundant availability of professional Wedding Planners and Organizers.
  • Bridal shows organized by vendors showcase their latest products and services.
  • Bridal Registry is an service that provides appreciated direction to assist your guests (who are unable to make it to the wedding but still want to send their best wishes) in their efforts
  • Wedding insurance is a service that can keep your investment intact and ensure peace of mind.
  • Planning “Destination Wedding” remotely can be much joyful and a memorable experience for lifetime, than planning a local wedding.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Havana

Southwood House and Cottage

Beautifully nestled amidst acres of lush cascading hills, dense oaks and mesmerized floral, the Southwood House and Cottage is like a paradise in the lap of nature. This beautiful place has also started to serve as venue to events like marriages and public gatherings etc. Just behind the Southwood House, there are five wonderful cottages which are just the perfect settings for a luxurious and comfortable accommodation for your wedding guests and family members.

SouthWood House Cottage

SouthWood House Cottage

Golden Eagle Country Club

The Golden Eagle Country Club is a place of warm hospitality, delicious cuisine and obviously some romantic locations. This stress free and affordable destination is a popular wedding venue in Havana. Blessed with beautiful natural flora and serene ambience, the Golden Eagle Country club is just the place for a picture perfect wedding. The best in class hospitality and servicing of the club ensures that all yours requirements are met even before they are raised.

Killearn Country Club & Inn

Just few minutes outside Havana, the Killearn Country Club & Inn is located in Tallahassee and apart from being a PGA and LPGA host it is also a popular wedding destination amongst love birds. It is the surrounding cascade of majestic hills and picturesque landscapes here which provide an ideal setting for a romantic wedding ceremony. Along with a beautiful ballroom, the Killearn Country Club & Inn also offers an elegant outdoor ceremony site. The experienced and hospitable staff is always up to customizing the place exactly as per your needs. The ballroom is beautiful and large enough to comfortably accommodate 200-250 guests of yours. The natural décor work along with breathtaking romantic surroundings welcome you for a memorable wedding ceremony at the Killearn Country Club & Inn.

Retreat at Bradley’s Pond

One of the nature’s most romantic secrets, well kept just few Kms away from Havana, The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond is a destination that offers just what you ever wished for your wedding ceremony. From rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception needs to wedding planner, florist, bartender, and photographer, this place is one stop dream destination for your wedding celebrations. If you are seeking a wonderfully romantic and picturesque destination for your wedding ceremony, “The Retreat at Bradley’s Pond” is just the venue for you!

Feather Oaks

The rental area in the surroundings of the Feather Oaks, just 15 minutes from downtown Tallahassee is a uniquely charming and romantic spot to choose as your wedding destination near Havana. The area has just been restored recently to serve as a serene venue for weddings ceremonies and other public gatherings too. The pleasant atmosphere and picturesque landscapes in the area carry a unique charm of their own. The Space at Feather Oaks is your destination perfect for an intimate wedding celebration on a beautiful farm setting with beautifully rustic organic flavor.

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