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Highlights Of Montauk 3 Days Tour Package, USA

Budget : Deluxe
Price : On Request
Duration : 2 Nights and 3 Days
Itinerary: Montauk
Light House, Montauk

Light House, Montauk

Photo Credit - Eve Chan
The Montauk Point Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in New York State. The Lighthouse was authorized by the Second Congress, under President George Washington, in 1792. Construction began on June 7, 1796 and was completed on November 5, 1796. This National Historic Landmark has been part of Long Island's land and seascape for over 200 years and still serves as an active aid to navigation. Enjoy this 3 days vacation to Montauk and explore the history and various famous sites located here.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Double Keeper’s Dwelling: When this building was constructed in 1860, the head keeper and his family lived in the south apartment while the two assistant keepers lived in the north apartments. All shared the kitchen in the south basement.
Oil Room: The oil for the lantern was stored here. An enclosed corridor connected the oil room to the keepers’ dwelling.
Lighhouse Tower: Sandstone from Connecticut was used to construct the 78′ octagon tower. In 1860, the height of the tower was increased 14′ and a larger lantern room was added to accommodate a 1st Order Fresnel Lens.

Day 2
Fog Signal House: This building originally contained the engines and compressors that powered a dual siren fog signal. It now contains the automated equipment that monitors the electric fog horn and beacon of the lighthouse. The back-up generators are also located here. It was completed in1897.

Fire Control Station: This tower was built during World War II as part of the extensive Eastern Coastal Defense Shield. Spotters in the tower would coordinate artillery fire for the crew of the 16″ cannons located at Fort Hero on the bluff 500 meters to the west of the tower.
Look Out Point: From here, the easternmost point on Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Block Island are visible.
OIL HOUSE: This house was built in 1904 to store fuel for the generators that operated a navy radio station.

Day 3
Keeper’s Dwelling: This house replaced the 1796 keeper’s dwelling in 1838; when the new double keepers’ dwelling was built in 1860, this building was converted into a barn.

Meadow: The meadow is located in the protected hollow at the foot of Turtle Hill. The garden, which is part of the meadow, is the precise spot where Montauk’s keepers have tilled the soil and harvested vegetables for over 200 years.

Turtle Cove Look Out: From here, the southwest deck overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.


  • Round trip transportation
  • 2 night accommodation


  • Meals (except lunch)

Customized Honeymoon Tour Package

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