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How to Look Stunning on Your Honeymoon

Women or Men all wants to look stunning and handsome on their honeymoon holidays. But that does not mean that you can wear almost anything. Your honeymoon is the chance when you can leave those heavy lehangas, gowns behind and wear some clothes that lets you breath.The honeymoon is the time where you can put your charm on your hubby so keep that in mind and dress for the kill. Make sure that your significant other finds it hard to take your eyes off you.

Tips to Look Stunning on Your Honeymoon


Womens generally choose sexy dresses for their honeymoon to look stunning and hot, but they should keep in mind that sexy dresses don’t make you look hot its the style you carry and way of dressing the clothes make you look awesome. So wear clothes that you are comfortable with and carry them off with great style. Always keep your honeymoon destination in mind before choosing the outfit. You are not going to a skiing resort in your bikini that is for sure.

Dressing Sense

Tone It Up

Toning up your body into a perfect shape will not only make you feel good but it will benefit you into getting new and amazing dresses. A perfect body can carry off any type of dress from a skimpy bikini to a well crafted designer gown. So it is a better idea to hit the gym and start doing those squats.

Tone Up Your Body

Simple Make Up is the Best

As it is said Simplicity is the Best , being simple yet beautiful is the best way you can look stunning.You would not want to make your hubby angry by taking hours to get ready. Wear minimal make up and even when you do try to make it nude so that you do not put up layers of color on your face although it is ok to spend some extra time on your look while going out for a romantic dinner in the evening.

Minimum Makeup

Increase The Glow of your Skin

A glowing face is always a must for a beautiful look and must for you honeymoon. Apply a good water based moisturizer at least 3-4 times a day depending on your skin type Before going to bed, clean your makeup with a cream-based cleanser and wash with a soap-free face wash. Apply a light cream or a moisturizer.


Always Carry Essential

No one knows your skin better than you, carry the skin essentials like the sunscreen and moisturizer that suits your skin type. Also keep in mind the shampoo and other cosmetics that you use are the tried and tested ones. You would not want unexpected acne or pimples coming on your face during the honeymoon.


Carry a Surprise Element

This is the stuff that will make your honey moon more exciting and romantic. Spice up your honeymoon by packing a pair of sexy lingerie that will makes it hard for your hubby to take his eyes off you.


Good Hygiene is Must

You may wear the sexiest of clothes, the best of makeup but bad odor or bad breath will steal your thunder. So, always carry a soft and feminine perfume. Remember that bad breath and body odor are your worst enemies. So, it is always good for you to keep them at bay.


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