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Hungary Destination Wedding

Hungary is a country located in the Central Europe with neighboring countries of Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia etc. Hungary is one of the traveler’s favorite as the country is extremely beautiful and most importantly the capital city of the country-Budapest is especially known for its heavenly beauties and millions of people from all over the world come here to spend some quality time with their loved ones. And if any is planning to tie knot with their partner in this country then it will be more of lavishness and romantic affair as the city has impeccable destination wedding locations which can spell magic with their ambiance and the atmosphere of this country drives the couples fall in love more and more with the place along with their partner.

Why to Choose Hungary as Destination Wedding ?

  • In this country there are beautiful towns and villages in this country which can be one of the best locations to wed in Hungary as they are nature’s seat and the couples will find all the beauty witnessing their wedding ceremony.
  • From UNESCO Biosphere sites, to beautiful lakes, to natural grasslands the country has it all to suit your travel needs so, you can also plan your honeymoon in Hungary.

Best Destination Wedding Locations in Hungary

Intercontinental, Budapest

This is a unique hotel located in the heart of the city where the couples can arrange for their wedding party and they will get the best arrangements for sure. Intercontinental conference and meeting halls are entirely studded with the latest audio-visual technology so you can expect a musical evening for your evening too if you are planning. Spreading over 8,000 square feet, the Ballroom of this place is an ideal setting for your fairytale wedding and the couples will be privileged to wed here.

InterContinental City Hotel

InterContinental City Hotel

Hotel Stacio, Vesces

This is another place where you will love to exchange your wedding rings as the place is a signature place to wed in Hungary. The couples can expect all high class arrangements and the couples can call up to 100 guests as the place can accommodate the best of their services which will be served with ballroom, reception hall and managing the best catering services.

Airport Hotel Stáció

Airport Hotel Stáció in Budapest

St George Residential All Suites, Budapest

This is a castle hotel built in the 1785 and the couples can really see the heritage of this place through its décor and suites and accommodations. The grand ballroom and the reception hall are really majestic and the couples can feel the 18th century nostalgia all over the place through its furnishings and architecture. The guests will be the honored as royal guests and the couples can get planners to plan your wedding floor wise and you can really invent as this is one of the best places to wed in Hungary.

St.George Hotel Budapest

St.George Hotel Budapest

New York Café, Budapest

An example of elegance the hotel has come across through many ages defining the class and luxury and the couples can see the elegance through the beautiful reception hall with fine décor which actually spellbinds the guest and the couples will definitely feel proud to host their wedding here.

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