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Kauai: Snapshot

Best time to visit Kauai:
May, June, July, August, September, October,

Kauai romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Island, Peaceful, Popular, Secluded, Water Sports, Wildlife,

Kauai also known as "Garden Isle" is one of the largest islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. Kauai is a destination that every couple or Honeymooner would have dream of! It is not only one of the most beautiful island of Hawaii but one of the world too. Comprising of beautiful beaches and sprawling green highlands that place is like a heaven on the earth, the land of Jurassic Kauai is full of countless waterfalls, green grasslands, Wildlife, ocean cliffs, dormant volcano, art galleries and boutiques, and amazing resorts, hotels and restaurant in stunning locations.

For couples and lover Kauai is a place that gives you the perfect surrounding to spend time together, walking on the beaches holding hands together, dining in amazing locations and accommodation overlooking the beaches. The lush greenery of the Kauai gets abundant of rainfall with its virgin beauty remains intact. Kauai is a late known tourist attraction due to which the natural charm of this place is mind blowing. Various fantasy movies have been shot here due to its natural wonder like of Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, King Kong and many more.

Kauai as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Kauai island is a place that gets beautiful as you explore deeper and deeper with the island’s beaches and natural wonders. Kauai is like no other destination from the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms of Waimea Canyon. It’s a dream come true destination where you can explore the island via land, sea or air to experience a romantic getaway. Forking rivers and cascading waterfalls adds charms to this island as if you are dreaming a wonderland or a land that does not exist. The beauty of the island is such that it sweeps away every tourist that steps to this island with its single sight.

Walk and play in beaches from Poipu Beach to Hanalei Bay famous for sailboats, stand up paddle boarding , fishing, picnicking, Na Pali Coast State Park gives you the breathtaking view of the majestic sea with grand mountains along the shores, Koloa Landing famous for deep water diving, Kilohana Plantation comprising of amazing location is a beautiful spot in this island with romantic restaurants, shopping place, art galleries and more.

Why Visit Kauai as Romantic Getaway?

  • A romantic escape to amazing beaches and luxurious resorts.
  • A cultural journey discovering authentic hula, exploring Hawaiian fishponds and learning about Kauai’s most historic places.
  • From kayaking the Wailua River to zip lining above Kauai’s lush valleys, explore a variety of adventures by land, air or sea.
  • From Prince ville to Poipu, there are nine amazing golf courses at seven venues on Kauai.
  • Begin your life together on Kauai, surrounded by romantic opportunities at every turn.
  • In Kauai’s atmosphere of pure tranquility, you can take pleasure in life’s simplicities.
  • Romantic escapes are easy to find on Kauai with a wide range of special locations and memorable activities to share.
  • From small towns to incomparable sights, you’ll see that some of Hawaii’s best-kept secrets can be found on Kauai.

Best Time to visit Kauai

Kauai is the northern most major Hawaiian island and has slightly more rain than the other major islands. The island is remarkably lush and green and is called "The Garden Island." The beach areas receive less rain. The trade winds in Kauai also keep things cool for visitors. The winds are generally light and help chase away much of Hawaii’s humidity. With such great weather, any time of year is a good time to visit Kauai.

Best Season: The most popular time to visit is in the summer months. Many tourists prefer Kauai's south coast during the winter, although the North's beautiful scenery is hard to resist especially considering rainfall rarely lasts for long periods.
Summer: May to Oct. During the summer months rainfall tends to be very brief, with short bursts followed by sunshine. Kauai's West side is the warmest and driest (Kekaha, Waimea, and Polihale).
Winter: December to March.
Rainfall: November through April, like the other islands, more rain falls during the winter months.

Kauai in Hawaii

Kauai in Hawaii

Kauai in Hawaii by Jeremy Hall

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    Denis Says

    We had an amazing outer at Kauai. I don’t know where to start! Na Pali Coast was amazing and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is simply paradise with its bright turquoise sea and red/green mountains. We had a great time heading to the coastline. No visit to Kauai is complete without seeing the Na Pali Coast. The beaches are also quite and calm as we went to Hanalei Beautiful beach. We stayed in a vacation rental directly behind the Hanalei bay beach park, so we had easy access to the beach. So I highly recommend the place.

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