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Kerala Destination Wedding

Kerala is a state of India located in the southern part of the country. The city is known as “God’s own Country” due to its rich vegetation and its stunning biological diversity which are made to present the country with some of the scenic places on earth and people from all over the world visit this state to view its gentle lifestyle and the gorgeous backwaters. Kerala is a great place for the honeymooners and people who visit the place never withdraw themselves from the exotic water activities like surfing, waterskiing and most importantly spending quality time on the beaches. Couples who are looking to get married ere will get the lavish and lush background where they will take oath in one of e best locations of not only India but of the world as this place is just awesome and the state is having some of the incredible tourist locations.

Why to Choose Kerala as Destination Wedding ?

  • Getting married in Kerala is just visiting in one of the finest destinations of the country where they will get the lushly valleys from where they will breathe the aromatic species and tea and most of the wedding venues are located in these gorgeous locations.
  • The couples can also get the finest hotels in the various cities of Kerala where they can get the finest accommodations and the best of the catering and décor which will serve the couples at their best.

Best Wedding Locations in Kerala

Backwater Ripples, Kumarakom

One of the finest wedding venues of Kerala where the couples will get their wedding celebrations organized and you will surely get a private space for a quiet wedding where you can have your nuptial ceremonies got done. The hotel is located with a stunning lake views and the couple will enjoy the stunning views with their guests and the couples will have the finest catering too as the hotel is known for holding the best weddings in the state.

The Leela, Kovalam

This is a lavish hotel and beach resort settled on the gorgeous Kovalam Beach and also has the stunning view of the beaches from its balconies. Couples who are opulent and looking for a lavish wedding can get this resort hired as this place is meant for them and the hotel will suit their taste and choice to serve them the best amenities. Starting from food, accommodation and ambience all will be seen in an extraordinary manner.

The Leela Hotel in Kovalam

The Leela Hotel in Kovalam

Le Meridian, Kochi

Le Meridian is a wedding venue which is known for hosting the finest weddings of the country and being on this beautiful state it also have the stunning surroundings that will be witnessing your lifelong bonding and the hotel is also having their own helipad where you can arrange for a welcome of the groom.

Nila Palace, Kollam

Hotel Nila Palace is known for hosting weddings that will be carrying around 500 guests and the couples can be on the best place in Kerala for their wedding as the place is just apt for lavish weddings and it is also settled near the beautiful backwaters of Kollam.

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