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Korca: Snapshot

Best time to visit Korca:
June, July, August, September, October, November,

Korca romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Heritage, Hill Station, Lake, Peaceful, Shopping, Skiing, Trekking, Wildlife,

Korça (Korce) is the main city in South-eastern Albania. This delightful and pristine city in Albania is a major hub for adventurous activities like trekking, hiking etc. Korca is also one of the best place for exploring the geological and biological diversity of the region.Cultural attractions include the Museum of Medieval Art, the National Museum of Education, the Museum of Prehistory, Oriental Art Museum in Bratko, Museum House of painter Vangjush Mio, the Meadow of Tears (Lëndina e Lotëve) and the World War I French Soldiers Cemetery.Natural attractions include the villages of Voskopoja, Dardha, Vithkuqi as well as the National Park “Bredhi i Drenovës”. It has beautiful natural and cultural zones such as the villages of Voskopoja, Dardha, Vithkuq, and Bozdovec, or protected natural areas such as Shelegur Lake, the National Park of Prespa or Drenova Forest.

Korce as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

It is a very beautiful city surrounded by mountains. Enjoy the romance of Korce with a wide range of luxury accommodations perfect for honeymoon night.

It has many places to enjoy like during your romantic honeymoon vacations:

  • Vithkuqi:  Natural beauty of this village is unspoiled. One of the attractions is the cold water of Bellovoda, very rich-in-minerals and also known as White Water. The village will impress all those visitors who want a romantic getaways. They will also enjoy fresh air in a mountainous healthy climate.
  • Dardha: This village is nestled among mountains and forests with rare natural beauty. The green fields, fresh summer days and cold snowy winters make Dardha a popular honeymoon destination throughout the year. Winter sports, especially skiing, attract many tourists to Dardha. In the spring, summer and fall it is a popular destination for hikers, whether coming for a stroll or longer treks. The people are very hospitable and a diverse range of hotels and restaurants offer characteristic food and hospitality to tourists.
  • National park of Drenova: The park lies in the Morava Mountain Range and has many attractive point including Bozdoveci, Guri i Capit, Cardhaku, etc. The Drenova National Park Forest is known as “Bredhi i Drenoves” (fir trees of Drenova). It is also rich in other beech and black pine trees. The forest slopes are covered with hazelnut trees.
  • Boboshtica village: This village has two churches with a considerable number of attractive frescos. It offers a number of restaurants where you can try roast lamb cooked in the traditional way.
  • National park of Prespa: This is a diverse park and encompasses mountains, lake surfaces, forests and pasture lands.  The park flora and fauna are quite unique. National Park of Bozdovec, Ostrovica, Lenia Lake, Rrungaja (the highest point of Vithkuq), Gora and Devolli, with rich flora and fauna.

Why Visit Korca as Romantic Getaways?

  • It is an ideal combination of marvelous nature, lake beaches, sun, mountains and flowers.
  • A place of great natural beauty, featuring the renowned Ohrid and Prespa Lakes, mountains and national parks.
  • Well-known for its Korca Serenades, Carnivals and Masked Balls.
  • Discover Europe’s richest archive of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons at the Medieval Museum of Art.
  • Visit a traditional market rooted in Ottoman heritage

Best Time To Visit Korce

The snowfall in the winter makes this place best for skiing and in the summer you can enjoy the surrounding mountains of the village.

Best Season: Winters and Summers
Summers: Jul, Aug
Winters: Jan
Monsoons: Feb, May, Nov

Korce in Albania

Korce in Albania

Korce in Albania by John Quine

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