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Why Choose Lakshadweep as Honeymoon Destination ?

The Quiet, Serene and Peaceful atmosphere of Lakshadweep is a perfect place to spend honeymoon holidays with your beloved. The sparkling blue sea water surrounds the green islands and presents a mesmerizing combination which you would surely love. Lakshadweep is an peninsula of 12 atolls, 3 reefs, and 5 submerged banks, with a total of about 36 islands and islets. It is one of the most beautiful island system spread over 34 square kilometer rich in marine life.The island is decorated by coral reeds, sandy beaches and calm surrounding. The lagoon offers enthusiastic water sports like swimming, wind-surfing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

Honeymoon Holidays in Lakshadweep

Because Lakshadweep have Mesmerizing Islands

Agatti: Agatti has a rich culture of its own. The Golden Jubilee Museum here is major attraction in Lakshadweep.The museum displays sculpts of the traditional Minicoy sailboats called ‘jagdhoni’. Antique jars and pots, wooden chests and glittering gold coins are some of the artifacts displayed at the museum. Two busts of Lord Buddha are considered to be have originated from the 9th and 12 century. The museum speaks a lot about the glorious past of this island. Mohiyudeen Mosque in Lakshadweep was built in the 16th century. The intricate carving on the tombstone is a masterpiece. The mosque is situated amidst palm grooves which gives it a passive atmosphere. Agatti is famous for its mesmerizing coral reefs. The blue waters make it amazingly beautiful. The diverse marine life at Agatti island hypnotizes one. It has a rich flora and fauna .the captivating beauty of this island make the experience a memorable one.


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Kadmat Island: Kadmat is a long and narrow island. This is the best place for Scuba Diving. During the travel one can get glimpses of a few inhabited islands. Its land and sandy beaches and spectacular lagoons on either sides make it an striking tourist destination. The blue lagoon encloses the priceless and stunning coral reefs and the beach.

Kadmat Island

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Minicoy: It is the second largest island situated in the southern most part of Lakshadweep. The island is crescent in shape and has one of the largest lagoons. The lighthouse was constructed in 1885. A long drive through the dense coconut groves is a soothing experience.

Karavatti: Kavaratti is the administrative capital of Lakshadweep island and by far the most developed one. The lagoons around Kavratti are tremendous as they are full of star fish, anemones, sea cucumbers, countless multi- hued fishes astonishing corals. To the South of the Island lies Chicken Neck point which is an absolutely extraordinary place for water sports including scuba diving and snorkeling. It is the best location for kayaking and yacht sailing.

Adventures Sports For Couples in Lakshadweep

Dive into the Blue

Scuba Diving is one of the most preferred adventure sports for the tourists on the Lakshadweep island. Kadmat island is one of the best diving spots in India. The crystal clear water and the astonishing marine life makes it an experience to cherish through out ones life. Fishes like Lion fish, Lobsters, Tuna, rays, sharks, shoaling jacks, fusiliers, sweet lips, groupers, rays, eels, turtles are visible. The Wall starts from a shallow shelf at 8 meters and drops in places to 30 meters. It is the best diving sites at Kadmat. This site abundant in plate coral and all kinds of marine fauna including schooling black jacks, large Napoleon wrasse, barracuda and batfish. A deep dive into ledge at almost 40 meters and you come across everything from grey-reef sharks to white-tips and occasionally some large nurse sharks. A superior dive at the Jack Point gives you a mesmerizing view of soft coral patches and some very large coral heads that are home to resting turtles, fusiliers, blotched fantail rays, white-tip reef sharks and big-eyed jacks.The beautiful calm lagoon of the Kavaratti island is ideal for beginners. It is famous for turtles, soft corals sharks, rays and all kinds of tropical fishes. A dive at Turtle Nest is a wonderful experience as one gets to see different types of turtles here.


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Hunt for Fins

Fishing is one fun activity you can go for on the Lakshadweep islands. Big-game fishing is conducted from boats to catch large open-water species such as tuna, sharks and marlin. Kayak fishing is another form of fishing made available on the Lakshadweep islands. Lagoon Fishing is the most preferred and attractive sports activity on the island. Not only people who are crazy about fishing but other enthusiasts, who want to get involved in some relaxing pastime, welcome Lagoon Fishing in Lakshadweep. The calmness of the night is ideal for fishing as there are fewer disturbances to distract the fishes.

Float with a Snorkel

Snorkeling in Lakshadweep has emerged as the favorite sports with the tourists. It’s preference is due to its simplicity as it does not require any effort.With the help of the snorkel tube, one can float in the water for hours. The ideal time for snorkeling in Lakshadweep is from the months of October to May. Bangaram Island is the focal point of snorkeling in Lakshadweep. The shallow waters of the island provide a brilliant prospect to snorkel. The Kadmat Island is another too offers openings for snorkeling. Apart from the amateurs, facilities for child snorkeling are also provided.

Snorkelling in Lakshadweep

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For the Foodie Mouth

Cuisines of Lakshadweep consist of mouthwatering sea-food with a tad of coconut. Local food of Lakshadweep comprises of spicy non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. Sea-food is a must try here. Coconut is used in all the dishes and it is considered to be an integral ingredient in all the dishes. Coconut water is a favorite drink amongst locals and tourists alike. A variety of fried and barbecued fish found in the island. Huge number of small and big sea-fish can be found in Lakshadweep. Cooked exotically in coconut sauce these fishes are served with delightful flavours. This island is always ready with every possible mouth watering dish that pamper your taste buds.


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