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The Captivating Islands in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is a beautiful archipelago of islands settled in the Andaman Sea and in the mainland coast of Malaysia. It is known to be everybody that Langkawi is a cluster of 99 small islands. Due to the cluster of the hundreds of island people and tourists from all over the world come to see this dynamic islands and its evergreen beauty which spellbind them with its sandy beaches that are different from beach to beach and the tourist can enjoy at their best views of Malaysia. But Langkawi is majorly visited by the honeymoon couples who are looking for a romantic holiday in the beautiful islands in Langkawi that are having all the essence of romance in them. The islands of Langkawi are truly gorgeous and provide the best romantic ambience for the newly wedded couples right from the secluded beaches to the lavish beach resorts and the unlimited ways of enjoying waters of the Andaman Sea.

Beautiful Islands Around Langkawi

Eagle Square in Langkawi

Photo Credit- mynikfoto

Pulau Langkawi

Langkawi in itself is a captivating island which is known for its immensely beautiful atolls and its serene beaches and beautiful resorts that make this island a world class tourist destination. And this is why the honeymoon couples from all over the world lovethe mesmerizing scenes of this island where they can go for boat or ferry cruises, drive on the world famous cable car, and shop their heart out in the beautiful and duty free shopping malls of Langkawi. Apart from these entertainments, Langkawi is all together is a place where the couples can find the ultimate solace in the tranquility in the peaceful ambience where the turquoise waves of the Andaman Sea touches the white sands.

Pulau Tuba Island in Langkawi

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Pulau Tuba

Another beautiful island of Langkawi which is the only inhabited one after Langkawi and this is also an island which is known for its mighty hills and known as Islamic Island because of the majority of Muslim inhabitant’s presence. This is a small island but the honeymoon couples can find resorts also where they can have the best of the amenities and services provided to the tourists who visit here for some more tranquility and outstanding natural views such as Bat Caves and fireflies lighting the dark. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenes the couples can shop for local handicrafts made by the local women of the island.

Pulau Bidan Island in Langkawi

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Pulau Bidan

This island is more known as a fisherman’s village and the island is a very small one which is very less inhabited and loved by those who are fishing lovers. The island is also a hub of various marine lives and it is best known for its natural conservation and eco-tourism.  So, those couples who are looking for some new thing san want to learn about the eco-tourism of Malaysia and the colorful marine life conservation should visit here and can see some really nice projects running on these subjects and can also have a nice time watching them all over this mesmerizing island.

Pulau Tepor Malaysia

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Pulau Tepor

This is another island of Langkawi Archipelago which is U shaped and inhabited. But the beach of the island is amazingly beautiful and overlooking Pulau Langkawi.The island is not having any lavish resorts or restaurants the couples who are looking to give it a try should carry their foods and mostly the couples who are going for ferry rides often take halts to see this beautiful island. The beach of this island is really beautiful and the couples will love to walk on it. But the couples who are really looking for a nice stay should take their arrangements with them for more convenience.

Pulau Songsong in Malaysia

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Pulau Songsong

This is one of the beautiful islands in Langkawi in Kedah. The island is surrounded by Rocky Mountains and this is one of the beautiful islands where tourist often goes for diving and camping trips. PulauSongsong is a gorgeous group of islands which is located on another side of the coast of Yan, in Kedah. Puau Songsong is a beautiful beach scattered with beauty but has gone unnoticed. The surrounding of the island is seen with beautiful palms trees and lush greenery all around and this is scenery that will not let your eyes off from the charismatic backdrop.

Pulau Singa Besar in Langkawi

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Pulau Singa Besar

This is such an island in Langkawi which is a complete wildlife sanctuary and indeed it is a hub of many rare animals and birds. So the couples who are in love with the wildlife should never miss the trip of this island to have a very closer view of the natural beauty and its inhabitants. Apart from watching the monkeys and the peacocks the couples will get good chances to feed kite eagles and white-bellied fish eagles and this island is also a hub of jungle trekkers as the beautiful rocky jungles are perfect for trekking and the beaches are lovely and sun kissed where the couples can go for swimming too.

Pulau Payar Marine Park in Langkawi

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Pulau Payar

This is another beautiful island of Langkawi which is a marine park and also a gorgeous coral reef. So it will be a real fun to be here as the couples can have the best experience to enjoy the view of the underwater animals and the corals and that is why it makes a scintillating destination for those couples who are looking for picnic areas near water and no place can be better than Pulau Payar as they can get the best views of the marine life and the best areas to have a heart to heart talk with their partners.

Pulau Beras Basah Island  in Langkawi

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Pulau Beras Basah

This is an island in Langkawi which is known for its extensively beautiful beaches and lovely backdrop to die for. The couples who are looking for post card backdrops should definitely visit this island and keep it into their itinerary for sure. The island is a extremely pretty and also having mountainous backdrop,  so the couples who are having some adventurous yet romantic trips on mind should get into here and can go for the lovely resorts to get the best comfort and can also opt for the jet skiing and parasailing rides which will fulfill their wishes of indulging in the blue waves.

Pulau Dayang Bunting in Langkawi

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Pulau Dayang Bunting

This is Langkawi’s second largest uninhabited island which is known for its emerald greenery and the freshwater lake which is having some therapeutic benefits.This island has some beautiful several limestone caves and the couples can see some of the unique wildlife species monitor lizards, and monkeys and birds like hornbills, kingfishers, and there is also a nice option to go for jet skiing and the couples will get a nice access to see the bats in the caves of GuaLangsi. For more adventurous couples there are good options of Jungle trekking is also there to explore the beautiful jungles.

Rebak Island in Langkawi

Photo Credit- mattzilla13

Rebak Island

This is a privately owned island in Langkawi by the Taj Group of Hotels and the complete island has been turned into a gorgeous island resort named as Vivanta by Taj. The complete island is spread across 390cress of beautiful beach and overwhelming green scenery where the couples can indulge into various water activities and can have the best romantic ambience to make their holidays more memorable. This is a 5 Star island resort where the couples can have a picture which will be more beautiful than their imagination and the best amenities and comfort provided by the resort will lit up their romance.

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